Where do you call home?

(Auriga Menkalinan) #1

My answer to this question has become more complicated lately so I tried my best to explain it here.

I know it is a question that has probably been raised before, more than once, but I’m curious and expect other people’s answers change too. So, where to you call home? *

  • (not necessarily where are you from)
(Vaari) #2

Entire Providence is my palace.

(Lumukanda Theleraese) #3

Nowhere, Everywhere, and all that’s in-between (Nomadic playstyle).

Have a few things in a system but wouldn’t say it’s my home it’s just where I started the game and haven’t really sorted it.

(Utari Onzo) #4

My answer hasn’t changed from the last time this was asked. Home is my cottage on my Liege Lord’s estate, but I also consider Caldari Prime to be something of a spiritual home as the last place my Civire father lived, worked and died at.

(Constantin Baracca) #5

Home is still my family’s basilica in my hometown. I have places I stay abroad, some of which I even stay longer than my trips back to the Empire, but when things aren’t going well there’s nothing better than going back to the quiet.

(Quinlin Harpy) #6

My spiritual home will always be Asghed/Arzad

(Azazel Drakonis) #7

Today I call Dammalin my home but I will admit, Villore will always be held in the same regard despite not having lived there in years.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #8

I’ve called many places home in my life: Atgur, Pator (Matar, Mikramurka, Sundsele and Rhiannon clan lands close to the city proper). Ammold. Lustrevik 876. Pator again (Kulheim RSS), Gelfiven, N-DQ0D. Evati, Egbinger, Konora. DQ again and then Gultratren, for a bit.

I live at the Hek hub, now, most of the time, when not deployed. Not sure it is a home, though. Just a place to live.

(Cain Aloga) #9

Home is, and always will be the Island of Matmoro in the Mioar Archipelago of the Old Mother.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #10

The first place that comes to mind is where I’ve spent most of my life, which is the tiny town of Ramijanawa, Mikramurka, Matar.

Lately I’ve been spending more time in Krilmokenur, where I’m building a home with my life partner.

I’m also fond of Teonusude, but that’s more of a home office.

(Kyle Saltz) #11


From R-3 to KBP and all areas in-between. Providence will forever be my one and only home. I will fight like hell to protect it from pirates, terrorists, criminals, and PL minions. Especially the scum that currently inhabit it from H6 to YM.

One day my home will be wiped clean of the stain that has been there for 16 months. Its only a matter of time.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

(Deitra Vess) #12

Now it’d be Bosborgor mainly, though that’s not where I’m deployed.

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(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #13

Forgive me for not responding on the IGS, but in light of recent events, why would anyone want to publicly disclose where their “home” is unless those they love, cherish, and care about are safely far away…

I’d be happy to discuss over a cup of tea or something stronger, in private.

(Aiden Vayle) #14

My Capsule, perhaps? New Eden itself? How long has it been since I last made planetfall…?

Regardless, considering our present worries… if you have a place to call home, Capsuleers, stand poised to defend it in days to come.

(Auriga Menkalinan) #15

I think I was sufficiently vague and your caveat applies but I’d be happy to take you up on that drink.

(Behrin Vega) #16

Wormhole Space…

(Mordecai Fauntleroy Caine) #17

I made home in Akhragan, because of the close proximity to Amarr and Ashab.

But one day I will retire in Mohas. If you jump from gate to the station, you’ll land on one of those that are built into an asteroid, with a wonderful background of a lava planet. I love that sight.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #18

ehhhh… good question, no where I guess. or maybe wherever i happen to be living at the time. Home just seems like a loaded word. i’ve moved around a lot, I like where I live now, but I liked where I lived before that, and the place before that as well. never understood the emotional attachment people place on locations.

(General Wulfen) #19

Jita Home Jita =D
Always ends there again, sometimes with years!
Place where most of my stuff is

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #20

For tax purposes my home is a post office box that has been hurled upward from the Cluster’s plane at faster than light speeds too far removed to be subject to any governmental revenue service.