Where do you spam stupid ideas?

I honestly can’t find the section of the forum that you are supposed to crap out your dumb ideas in the hope that CCP will change the game just for you.

Hi CCP please change the game so that you can put a control tower in the ore hold of a Prospect so I can go on a caravan holiday when I actually get a day off work.

P.S. love you xx


“sometimes at night I cover myself in Vaseline and pretend i’m a slug”


This is the place to stick your “please make the game easier for me”, ideas. It’s also for the, "EVE is dying because of X, and this idea, which just happens to suit me, will make it better, otherwise the game will be dead within a year" ideas:


But, if you just want to post a dumb idea, right here is GD is as good as anywhere.

We’ll make fun of you and then if the idea is good enough to get discussion going, it’ll eventually change into a grrr ganking thread.


Well if you keep track of general discussion.

I would guess you posted in the right section. :slight_smile:


That’s a very relevant example of your issue. Interceptors outrunning missile was fun…30km/sec?

Why stop there.

Ask CCP to allow you to spawn wormholes from jita 4-4 to your current location, any time you want.

Where’s the thread that you can push the buttons of the players that wake up angry and then shove a stick up their own ass right before logging in to the forums?

Never mind…found it.

Well done, OP.


If you enjoy iy…go for it. No judgements.

Iceacid Frostpacker onto something here :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the “I am entitled thread” ?

Post it on the WoW forums

You found it! Evidently General Discussion is exactly the place for those!

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Screw you @Scipio_Artelius…you should have sent him to Reddit…we don’t need anymore stupid ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hear Reddit achieved the status of supersaturated with stupid some time last week.


Isn’t reddit for washed up mmo players?

I know, you’d down vote me or whatever for that.

However, to truly appreciate such a place I enjoy more dislikes or whatever signage used.

“Super-saturated with stupid”…if this was twitter, I might say #science! #1337 #pwn #Thursdaythoughts? #popcorn

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Which is why we should send everyone there!

ftfy :wink:

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Errr you realise that has been in the game for quite a long time. You just right click your stuff and select self destruct. They nerfed expedition frigates as soon as I trained them, you can be mean to me about being butthurt about that, or being too bad at the game I can’t afford 2b for an full Orca and go on a proper WH Caravan holiday.

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2 bill for an orca? dude, ill sell you one for 1 bill.

wts orca 999,999,999.99