Where is Anoikis?

I know there is lore on the discovery of Anoikis, even speculation on who “created” it.

NTL, it does exist. But my question is where does it exist?

Is it another region of our galaxy?
In another galaxy? Another universe? A sub-universe like Abyssal space?

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You might be interested to read the saga of Arek’Jaalan, which pertains to your question. The most direct answer will be in the Project Compass 2.0 presentation by Mark276 and Faulx. Lots of capsuleers participated in related events and the site is still a landmark. There are probably a bunch of additional documents by various authors out there.

Arek’Jaalan (AJ) Project Compass Prelim Findings
AJ Project Compass 2.0 Prelim Analysis
AJ Project Compass 2.5 Prelim Analysis


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