Where is info about a ganking attempt logged?

Hi All,
I am returning from a distant Past and life is just as strange now as then. While testing my rockets and speed shield in the belts (08) I was suddenly aggro’d by ‘someone’ - all I saw was half my ship disappear; some red things in the belt view; nothing flashing in Local. Did not take the time to read names, just hit WarpTo and was gone - ship is nimble.
Question: how do I find the aggressor? I wish to ask some questions of them and, perhaps, send a Xmas card. Local logs on my PC only show ‘communication’ and I have been through them thoroughly.
Any ideas, Good (&Bad) People?
ps How does one get to the Captain’s Quarters?

Combat log should do the trick…happy hunting.

Thanks, Runa. I don’t have one! That’s the problem. I’m assuming a heroic escape is not classed as ‘combat’. Oh well.

It’s there in-game and saved as a file on your PC…

Something like:

Just poke around and you will see it…also in-game via menus…

If there was an illegal attack on you, you should earn a killright. You can look them up as described on this page:


As for the Captain’s Quarters, it was deprecated and no longer exists.

Sounds more like an NPC encounter with FOB, Incursion or Triglavian rats. You likely remember the incursion rats unless you’ve been gone a long time. Use the agency to see if there is a Forward Operating Base in system - most systems in Highsec now have roaming Triglavians and they can be deadly if you’re not paying attention.

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Thanks Black, you are correct, of course, but there is NO record of the aggression. It was obviously a single volley and I survived to fly away. The game stills remembers my early losses etc . so I am the same guy. I’m trying to figure what happened: maybe Concord keeps a log of their hits?

Hmm, I know about the Trigs but I have learned to ignore them so they ignore me. I am thinking this can be the only thing but there is NO record of the event anywhere. Very weird.
Thanks Doc.

The agency calls FOBs Pirate Strongholds. The name seems to have changed at some point between feature introduction and now. They will either be Blood Raiders flying Punishers or Guristas flying Kestrels and they are powerful. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Forward_Operating_Base

Ooh, I have bad standings with the Guristas and probably the Bloody Raiders. Will go through the logs again with a different attitude.
Thanks again for your help and sense - all of you.

Then you weren’t attacked. Unless you were suspect or had a limited engagement timer, a killright will always be generated. If you were shot.

Maybe it was a snowball or a firework? Or someone being shot next to you?

it seems most probable for me that it was a npc. You don’t see some npcs on your overview by default. You have to add them manually

This screams roaming Trigs to me. If you haven’t reconfigured your overview since coming back to show “invading precursor entities” (or something along those lines) they wont show up on your overview or in space. The warp around various celestials and attack any player without warning. Look to add then to your overview and keep an eye out on future. They’re not harmful if you pay attention…

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