WHERE is the Fleet?

Floseswin has fallen again.

During the last time the Amarr controlled the same system, House Sarum fleets entered in force, not just in that system, but in others, to reinforce and in one crucial case help remove Minmatar loyalist structures.

During the whole of the time Floseswin skies were free, the Republic Fleet managed one parade, and then have been nowhere to seen. Kanth Filmir, probably the best admiral of the Fleet still alive leads not our ships, but ground forces. And while he is no doubt fit for that job too, one cannot wonder if he really is the last competent officer we have, both space and ground.

Days passed and passed without reinforcements. On the last possible moments, RJD has landed now - RJD, mind you, not Fleet, not Command. RJD, who as the only government party had the guts to come forward with facts in the Sundsele Six case. Bringing reinforcements commanded by an Ashok, no less.

Where is the Fleet?

Where do the resources go that should go to the defense of our people?

"Remember who we are, where we came from and, above all, remember those who are still to be liberated.

So I say again, join us in the fight for freedom and never forget!

Death to the slavers!
Long live the tribes!
We come for our people!

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor
In bloody YC120


I’ve heard a lot of talk of sins during our time fighting in Floseswin, but the only sin I have witnessed is that even 3 months into the campaign, the Republic Fleet’s lack of involvement is still in question. There are little excuses I’m willing to put up with for this lack support. Our warriors and militias are giving their lives daily with no support up above beyond that which the capsuleers fighting to keep control can provide.

There is too many farcical happenings for an event that has claimed countless lives and threatens to risk even more every single day since this begun. The Republic must organise the fleet into action!


My understanding of the CEWPA treaty stipulations was that capsuleer militias had exclusive responsibility for fighting over space superiority in contested systems. House Sarum fleets actively aiding the 24th Imperial Crusade is a major escalation. I’m not sure whether that it would be more alarming for the Republic Fleet to meet that escalation in kind, or to let it go unanswered.

Whatever happens, it is clear that the Tribal Liberation Force has even more hard fighting ahead of it. I wish you good fortune.

It would be in line with the Sanmatar’s stated policy to at least respond, if not even take initiative. The path of peace was commendable, and it was mine, too, but it is not his.


  1. he lies and has always lied, complicit with the purge but without any plans to follow through with its stated goal, or
  2. he would live up to his promises, but is unable to, even in the capacity of merely responding in kind to Amarr provocations.

Which one of those is more worrying?

Oh, and I’ll just leave this here:

Krullefor Organization Raids Angel Cartel “Smuggling Bases” on Skarkon II; RSS Tacitly Supporting Thukker Gangsters say Anti-Krullefor Group

Defending the interests of renegade clans in MH while our people fall into Darkness.


Considering Baliggan Krullefor is also supposed to be wanted both by the Republic and Thukker authorities… Yeah, what the blazing ■■■■ is up with this? Why is the Republic now apparently all cuddly-cuddly kissy-kissy with criminals it previously sought? Working with forces that sell away criminals to the enemy?

Republic, where are you going?


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