Where Should CCP Advertise EVE?

lol, that would fit in great during Super Bowl.

However those commercial spots cost a fortune.


Lots of good ideas, I hope CCP is paying attention.

Interesting too that no one seems to think we are recruiting “the right stuff now”. I really hope CCP takes notice of that as well.

If you advertise boats and sell cars you won’t sell much.


Best idea yet! :wink:


Along the lines of R McC’s Hearts of Iron suggestion, ads on https://www.wargamer.com/ and its forums might draw in a few grognards (hardcore wargamers). Those guys thrive on intricate, very complex, very non-casual games that challenge IQ and require patience. Probably pretty cheap to advertise on that site too.

And, for some reason, Bloomberg has always liked EVE. They’re geared toward financial professionals readers, of course. What’s the connection? I suppose only that Bloomberg recognizes IQ and finds EVE interesting. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-24/the-brains-behind-eve-online-on-the-evolution-of-humanity


Most aggro booth at CitizenCon 2020… :rofl:

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In the UK EVE is currently been pushed heavily with articles and adverts in the SFI Magazine ‘Starburst

While over the years the BBC have had a number of articles on their various websites and radio stations, in no particular order


So basically nothing here then.

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