CCP should advertise EVE in major cities

Yep, they should have more adverts and CCP Falcon should be in most of them!

(Seriously, bring on more players. With the changes so far, we should see more new player retention, but they’ve got to be aware of the game to come to it.)

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Mumbai, Singapore and Rio then if you want numbers for no reason.

I sort of feel that the game would be turned into something different to how it is today if that were to case.

I don’t understand why it would be ‘numbers for no reason’? Gamers in these cities are as good as gamers in any other.


blow money advertising the game in times square instead of working on the NPE, yes

You’re right, a big billboard with some fortnite spaceship skins will bring em all in. Back to 60k like its 2010.

Eve’s problem isn’t attracting new players - over 600,000 last year. The problem is retention. CCP is perfectly aware of this.

People who want a theme park they can play solo are unlikely to enjoy Eve but those who are good candidates for the sandbox are being driven away by poor design and needless complexity. CCP knows that too and are working to fix it.


You dont understand the concept of advertising in densely populated cities to get early market gains when you dont care about longevity of customer base?


Some current player in-game behavior and game mechanics could have something to do with this.

Eve has always been a niche game, that players have been slowly moving to be even more niche. This game used to support far more play styles than it does today.

There are consequences to that. One being the game may just wither and die due to the general stubbornness of some of its existing player base.


so blame the players not the company who owns the game, tell me, do you blame umbrellas for the rain?

You should know better, but intellectual dishonesty is also somewhat of an issue.

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from who?

Never mind, I just read a bit of your activity and looks like it might never occur to you that organized and or dis-organized player activism might influence development of a game.

I take back the intellectual dishonesty statement.

My bad.


If the umbrella folds up and refuses to block the rain, of course you blame the umbrella.

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well it does, but it’s never as it seems is it, would it hurt to advertise more? i don’t think so. do people push for the game to go in a direction others do not want, yes, perhaps they should shout as loud as those who pushed the change.

and still the rain falls.

I did not say the rain is not to blame as well but I did expect the umbrella to stop the rain.

You mean a game with actual players instead of 1200 people with a lot of alt accounts?


one thousand and 200 people, :rofl: missing a zero or two.