Where to get the "Crystal Blast" skins?

there are some in the market
where are they from?

thanks guys


The second result from reddit.

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wow really nice but that dont answers the question
at the moment his post here is the 2nd hit on the google list … so …
as all the links i found in google where not really helpfull i think you saw this https://imperium.news/sisi-leaks-soe/ and wanted me to point on this but … really … the information in there is not helping a lot … its from 10.01.2018 and is about a sisi thing …
in the galaxy pack is no Crystal Blast skin and there are no skin bundles with omega time … currently there is no event running soooooo
all the stuff in this “news” link is just a guessing and rumor thing …

thanks for your “answer” but that doesnt help a lot …


They were part of steam galaxy pack not sure that promo is still ongoing.


i dont use steam … too bad … in that case it getting expensive in isk …
thanks @Mina_Sebiestar

fly safe

o/ JuuR

The second result for me says they’re from the Galaxy Pack, Steam exclusive, as already stated.

I don’t know why google doesn’t return the same results to you, possible reasons could be you don’t use it mostly in english like I do, as google results are typically adaptive to the user.

And yeah source exclusive SKINS are bloody stupid idea to create artificial scarcity on a product that is infinitely copiable in the first place.

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ahh ok … so we had not the same resault with the google search … yea … happens
thanks for clear that i was on the wrong link

yea i agree that it is stupid to make packs for exclusive for steam … as i dont use steam
and hte Spectral Shift Skins were sold in the new eden store so its really sucks that i cant buy the Crystal Blast skins there too …

have a nice weekend all o7


You can get them from me :wink:

is you want to sell em … contact me ingame …


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