Where will you get "Filaments" from in Abyssal?

Release is coming! Wohooo

There is one thing not clear about the new feature: where do you get the filaments from? Tips?

Data sites.
And they will drop in the Abyss of course.

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Thank you!

Not Relic? Only Data?

As far as I know. Yes, only Data sites. I think the idea is to make them more worth running.

God bless, everyone knows Data is ■■■■, so thats a good idea!

how do you get in the abyssal to get a filament if you need a filament? i dont get it i dont know were to start. thanks

Data sites or the market

You only read half on the post, didn’t you ?
Your first filament can be obtain by two ways : finding one in a Data Site, or buying one on the market (which I doesn’t recommend for now, because it’s a new item and the prices are chaotic).

Once you get into an Abyssal Deadspace and kill the NPC, there’s a chance of them dropping filaments (I guess). Then, you need to complete all the three pockets and come back and you’ll have your new filament, to complete even more pockets.

Only partly correct. There is a structure you have to kill (which is very easy) that has the chance to drop filaments and other stuff. The NPCs in the abyss drop nothing and don’t even leave wrecks.

P.S.: No you can’t just kill the structure and get out. You have to kill all the enemies in the pocket before the gate unlockes. And yes, the gates - or death - is the only way to get out of the Abyss.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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