Where's the carrot?

There has been a lot of scarcity and ratting related nerfs. When are we to hear about the promised carrot that would follow? Given the pop slide we’re seeing, it could really help to stem the tide of players leaving!


Yeah give us something free, for your own good or else!



Who’s wanting a free carrot? Are you building a straw man again @Ramona_McCandless, I’m shocked!


So what are you planning to do to get this carrot if its not free?

Earn it obviously. Have you not played other MMOs?

To provide a recent example, WoW just introduced the first set of epic gear with the Shadowlands expansion. You don’t just get given that gear, you still need to earn it through mythic+ dungeons, raids, rated pvp and so on… And I’ll enjoy every second of the months it takes to earn that carrot.



I think though if enough of us threaten to unsub, theyll give us free stuff to come back. And also we can protect them from further unsubs if they provide givings of free stuff every year, say around this time.

Im already doing it.

But I am interested in your line of thought. What should I do to earn this carrot?

into WoW, eh?


Complete the content. Think about the various carrots deployed over the years, the exploration sites and rewards with Revelations/Odyssey, the introduction of Wormhole space, blue loot and t3 materials. Filament sites with Into the Abyss and the new trig ship lines etc.

Tons of content with new rewards (carrots) has been introduced over the years.

In my opinion CCP needs to down tools on this failed austerity project, balance the economy on the demand side rather than supply (new sinks) and starting peddling content like other MMOs with those juicy rewards.


Is the WoW model so bad? Regular content and rewards. There was a time when Eve followed the exact same model.


Oh ok, I am doing that. I guess Im just after different rewards from you.

Mine dont get affected by austerity.



Er I mean Grylla’s Yule lads

Well the WoW model is a bit different than the EVE model. The WoW model for example invalidates the old content every time it brings new content, while the EVE model would put it all into the same sandbox where the new equipment has to be competitive with everything that’s already there.

Giving free stuff in a game where the current stuff is going to be useless next update is a lot different than giving free stuff in a game with a player-run economy that is impacted by this free stuff.*

*Except for cosmetic items for characters or ship skins, those won’t have a real impact on the game.

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I can tell you where the carrot is, OP, but you’re gonna have to purchase an OnlyFans subscription first. :kissing_heart:



As soon as the massive stockpiles of minerals and ISK in nullsec approach zero we can all breathe again. Until then, keep holding your breath, nullbear. :hugs:

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That is such a naive statement to make.

a) Any austerity introduced to reduce the stockpiles of megarich that affects everyone will just crush everyone who is not in it’s wake.
b) Those who are megarich are able to hold out for the scarcity period (since you have stated it is temporary), and come back now comparatively mega-megarich
c) Those who are megarich have the resources to be flexible in how they use their resources, so they can always adapt to any new meta, whereas those without resources cannot (as easily).

Therefore any austerity will hurt those without resources far more and a lot earlier then those with, who will be able to profit from it.

As others suggested, a great way to rebalance the resources would be to put station storage tax/upkeep. Want your 20 titans in station? Sure thing, but it will cost you a craptonne each month.


No offence, but you are making a middle class statement.

Those of us with nothing cant lose from it.

and since you are also in Austerity as well, you also can’t gain - anything


The indebted, negative-net-worth demographic kindly asks your bourgeois, zero-asset ass to check its privilege, you vile, have-more-than-less-than-have-not scumbag.


I think they thought Pochven was the carrot. It is kind of an interesting addition. I think it has potential. But there doesn’t seem to be quite enough to do there yet. But that’s what I think they were thinking: big release with a whole new kind of space, with new mechanics; followed by turning off some older ISK faucets.

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