Which class ship should i use to clear low sec chemical lab rats?

i’m harvesting gas, but trying to make some booster. i need to clear those rats.

there are 2~4 elite cruisers, 2~4battle crusiers, 4 or more heavy missle sentries.

Well, this isn’t my area of expertise, but since no one is answering… you might want to check out some of Dad Dex’s lowsec PvE videos. You can probably find something that works there. For example, here’s a T1 destroyer fit. Should be affordable, have low skill requirements, and be relatively slippery. You can also test it out on SiSi if you’re worried if it can handle the particular content that you want to throw at it.

thank you for your adivce.

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Rather than clear the rats, set up a perch - as you warp in, set a BM a few hundred kilometers away. Then warp back and forth from your perch to each can. You’ll need a decent tank - I do this regularly in my Stratios. This method gets the goodies more quickly and minimizes your risk. Rarely, a can will spawn some frigate-sized rats you’ll need to kill (they’re pretty easy).

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