Which Gallente Destroyer?

I have developed the ability to make all destroyer types (also Omega). So far I have been player with the Ishkur, playing safe distance drone game in PVE.

What would be a good next step for a destroyer? Hecate? Magus? Interdictor? Catalyst? Algos?
And what built do you have on it?
thanks in advance!

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If you’re currently flying an Ishkur, the next logical step is an Ishtar (T2 cruiser).

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If your destroyers are limited to the Gallente destroyers, then I think you could safely strike the Eris from your list. The Gallente interdictor is decidedly unpopular.

I know of a few people who enjoy the Hecate, but as a T3 it is a rather pricey option and they usually use it for PvP. If you like fleet ups and don’t have someone flying a command ship, the Magus could be something your fleet mates appreciate. The algos is a dependable, relatively inexpensive, easy to fly drone boat and the catalyst has lots of guns for not much money if that’s appealing to you.

Eve University has a summary and collection of sample fits for many craft, though you would want to double check that these crowd sourced fits are still valid in contemporary Eve. No telling when they were last updated.


If I were you, I’d try them all, or at least all you were interested in. Also, if you put a finer point on what you like to do in Eve and with how many people, people may be able to give more specific advice for your specific situation.


Hecate is a good choice with sub 2 second align in propulsion mode with no modules on. Has good DPS and decent tank. Has a bonus that allows you to use a expanded probe launcher for almost no CPU cost which can be usefull.


I have to say, I have played the drone game mostly and perhaps it would be good development to go for railguns - rockets now and experience that?

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Any Gnosis will serve you in PvE better than any destroyers. And you do not need new skills to fly it. It will warp slower, yes, but as soon as you will get medium weapons (missiles for PvE, cause of selectable damage type) you will spend much less time doing PvE itself. So it will pays off.


Do not write off the eris its a nice ship. Its a nightare to fit it the way people fit sabres which would be a mistake.

Yor role in a light doctor is to poop out a bubble then survive so you can continue squeezing out those bubbles when needed. I’d fit a cloak bubble launcher prop mod then anything else is a bonus. 75mm rails to shoot at frigs and drones and get on kills. Then fit some kind of tank.

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