Which region has the best background?

  • Nullsec
  • Lowsec
  • Gal highsec
  • Amarr
  • Caldari
  • Minmatar
  • Other
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Clearly Poch


Amarr space. Gallente has it’s nice spots with Essence’s (I believe) good perspective on the Gallente nebula but the rest is meh.

Amarr has the golden skies of Domain, the doom skull in Devoid and Derelik (Domain cloud from a different angle, really ominous), the Cauldron in Kor-Azor and the chaotic backside of it in Aridia. In Tash-Murkon, you have the Vapor Sea eruption nebula, which is impressive in it’s own right. Genesis region is particularly interesting because it shows all kinds of different nebulae from different empires, all eyeing the region and Concord. Nothing compares to Amarr Empire when it comes to backgrounds.


Dude wtf lol. you missed the clear winner. Pochven. Fly to a sun and see wtf im saying plz. Its insane and ive visited on shrooms before. There are suns that have beams shooting out of them and they have Doppler shifts depending on the angle you view them from.

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I did put in Other as an option. It wouldnt surprise me of Pochwen looks the best. But im never going there. Im an old school player tbh. I will never go to that pochwen crap. Rekt

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I suppose your question isn’t correct enough. A correct question would be: " Which regions have the best backgrounds?"


I’ll rate top 3 next way:

  • Tash-Murkon;
  • Metropolis;
  • Khanid.
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Poochven is boring. What that one guy describes is not a background nebula, it’s a star grid facility. The backgrounds in Poochven are just darkened versions and mostly obscured normal backgrounds. The only feature it has going for itself is the gloomy feeling this darker environment instills.

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Dude asks which region has best background, ok then proceeds to not list any regions….

Null is not just a single region you know, null space has many backgrounds in different regions…

But the answer is Pochven…

I’ve always liked the background in Cloud Ring.

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