Which skills do I need to control two mining drones?

I’m just asteroid mining, and found out I can use mining drones for veldspar. But how do I control two at once? I can only deploy one at a time so far. I can’t find anywhere in the show info tabs on what skills I need to deploy a second one. How would I go about looking this info up without coming to the forums?

Also, I’ve been using the button F to make the drone engage in mining, but how do I do this with just my mouse?

And third, I forgot to bring my drone back to my ship before leaving an asteroid belt, does that mean I have permanently lost that drone?

found the skill required for operating multiple drones at once. Still wondering about the other things tho. Thnx! :slight_smile:

Drones is the skill

Each level allows control of 1 drone.

The EVE University wiki has a lot of useful information.

I answer that in your other thread.

It’s possible for other players to scoop it after you have left grid, but you can always try going back to get them. When you land on grid, right click on your capacitor donut and select “reconnect to lost drones”.

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