Why are people moving officers modules in freighters?

Just saw on KB this guy got his freighter rekt, 133 bil lost (mother of god). That got me thinking though, why would you ever transfer officer modules - or any cargo highly valued but low volume - in a big clunky ship? I mean, wouldn’t it be better to transport it in a covert industry ship? Unless you’re flying in null-sec or slacking very hard, you’re only really at risk when undocking?

Most people are naive

Jump freighters one of the most secure ways to move Officer modules. Problems like this 200B+ Rhea occur when they try to use, for instance, structures they don’t own for cynos or don’t use diligence on stations.

Blockade Runners are also very safe, but only in high sec and low sec. In null sec, you would need an additional bridger to move it around, which either means a 3rd account or another player who you have to trust. A JF only needs 2 characters for that.
On the Jita undock, among other places, BR can also be easily killed by a single Tornado if they tried to warp directly from the undock to a gate, of even if their instant warp to an insta undock bookmark is botched and not as instant as you want it to be (bumping in a freighter or waiting just a split second too long with the warp can cause that). A JF can jump to a cyno right away, on the other hand.
Another thing that puts Blockade Runners at risk are NPC swarms on gates, or wrecks, corpses, ships and so on. If you cannot cloak, you are easy prey for a Thrasher or two, or a Tornado.
Smartbomb camps or gate camps with drone or container swarms around gates in low sec are another danger for blockade runners. They can destroy a BR warping to a gate easily, or prevent the cloak, which leads to their destruction.

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