Why are there so many windows on freighters?

I don’t know whether they are windows, but it seems like freighters have a butt ton of windows, considering they’re…uh, freighters, why do they need them?

(and if those aren’t windows, what are they?)

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It’s cosmetic. You can fancy them as windows, lights or whatever your imagination will allow. Look at the medium ships ( Prophecy, Drake…) they have so many “windows” that they look more like space holiday cruise ships than combat ships.
Maybe in the future freighters also transport passengers to and fro, like they showed in Star Wars with the princess being accompanied by the Jedi on a freighter.
I like to think my ships have full crews ( like the “marine” livestock items in your inventory). I don’t know if it still applies ( ccp changes things so fast my head spins) but those livestock people used to give a morale bonus to the ship or some crap like that.
Anyways, have a good day o7

Freighters will likely have a large amount of crew on board all the time. Crew to move the MULEs and ANTs for items that are not capable of being loaded with automated systems.

There are some ships without windows or just limited to a bridge-window like the Stratios and Concord/EDENCOM/Trig ships that were especially designed for Capsuleers I guess.

Normally the baselines crew might feel sick without a peak into space during longer operations, that’s why most empire ships have a lot of windows :slight_smile:

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I drove a semi-truck and we always had 15-20 people in the cargo hold, no windows.

To keep an eye out for Catalysts and Taloses?