Why Bother?

So, I’m still playing as of today but I’m wondering why anyone would seriously want to keep going in Oz during the Northern Hemisphere summer. The Market is so depressed that, whilst manufacture or buying gets cheaper on the supply side, you’re really betting against a post-holiday (Northern Hemisphere-wise) resurgence that seriously may not happen, especially given the - imo utterly daft - nerfs to noob fits against ganking.

If/when the War really ends, then either noobs will fill the void or we’re all going to struggle for meaningful content.

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Leave null sec and the big blobs behind and go check out worm hole space. Never had as much fun as I am living without local in done small gang style stuff.

I’ve never heard of this. Mind explaining?

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Maybe talking about the horrible nerf to resist modules? Not sure.

We don’t talk about that in here! Ships need to explode, pew pew pew.

'Cause … reasons.

(Semi) seriously, perhaps invest in yourself, rather than the markets. I don’t know what that would look like for you, but at the moment, player numbers seem to be down across the board. And, according to other posts like yours, Aus TZ seems to be really down. So, take advantage.

Got stockpiles all over the place doing nothing? Move them. Now. In the quiet time. Or. Take opportunity to go mine (including in LS, where it might be less dangerous these next few weeks) and build your own inventory. In fact, a lot of athanors seem to be on “automatic” at the moment … could be opportunity to ninja mine for profit, when they pop but owners don’t rock up?

In other words, revert to your childhood, use your imagination and make your own content. And take advantage of the quiet. There must be some way to do that??

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The one that affected noobs the least?

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/me shakes in anger and sprays spittle everywhere while talking

Everyone knows that new players stack 3 EM hardeners on an armor-buffered Muninn, you MORON.

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