Why Bubbles in Corrupted Lowsec hurts pirates...here's the fix

Havoc is out and the issue I predicted has come to pass. Bubbles are possible due to pirate mechanics…but the perk doesn’t really benefit them. It harms just as much as it benefits. Pirate nullification makes more sense. And in exchange rebuff the Empire militia scram/web range perk to balance it out.

Does anyone know if reaching Suprresion level 5 downgrades corruption to level 4?
Or must you reach suprresion level 5 before corruption reaches level 5 to prevent it?
Or something else

I think suppression only tones down the corruption effects, but does not stop them. But I’m not sure as I can’t remember what corruption level Vlili was yesterday, and whether the levels can fall at all.

BTW be careful with gate guns they ignore you first time, but if you don’t warp away they will get at you eventually if you decloak on grid. Scenario, instead of warping away after a kill I cloaked up my dictor.

This is a really bad idea, way the hell too strong, like how anyone would think this would be ok is outside my ability to even comprehend. Bubbles that only work on your enemy, lol, just wow.

Yep. Intel channels say when and where bubbles go up. Or ask in chat on the login.

Don’t fly into them. or if its your crew’s bubble…well hope the other side ain’t there to take advantage lol. Goes back to…ask intel on the login.

krab opinion

Again this is balanced when putting in place the scram web range empire militias would get.

Not even close, not at 50% not at 100% not at 200%. In fact it warps the game so much for non aligned it is a nonstarter entirely.

I mean you can keep repeating “bad bad bad” but you don’t really articulate why.

In fact, I did. It would be WAY TOO STRONG, there would be camps in bubbles that would just kill everything that came thru with 0 risk to the campers, as they could just all warp out in an instant if something that could deal with them showed up.

But if you had any idea how strong bubbles can be at all, you wouldn’t have this delusion that it would be something that was even remotely feasible.

Even if the buff was that only pirates could use the bubbles, and they still got caught in them that would still be too strong. But at least I wouldn’t be so silly that I couldn’t even understand how you would think that it would be ok.

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