Why Bubbles in Corrupted Lowsec hurts pirates...here's the fix

So as of right now if the pirate factions in FW corrupt the lowsec system to the maximum level, then you are able to anchor bubbles and use hic/dic bubbles as well. The empire militia equivalent is that they get point/web range. Not only is the empire militia bonus much better, the pirate suppression bonus actually harms pirates. How?

One of the key distinctions I noticed between Null and Lowsec groups is the propensity to use high grade implants. In 2015 when the Imperium launched its Viceroy campaign in lowsec, the various pirate groups of LS such as TISHU, Snuff, Shadow Cartel etc aligned together and while out numbered, absolutely crushed the Imperium forces. A large part of this was due to the pirate coalition having every member in high grade slaves. The mechanisms of lowsec where the aren’t bubbles has built a culture around more prevalent implant use.

With null having bubbles the use of implants is generally reserved for supercap/titans, or individuals who are good enough/rich enough to either not lose or replace their lost pod sets. But they’re not something the standard line member would use in the majority of fights.

This difference is something that gives lowsec pirates a sort of “home turf advantage.” And while there’s nothing stopping the null pilots from just using high grade implants once they enter lowsec, most people just usually don’t bother. So adding bubbles to fully pirate corrupted systems takes that edge away from lowsec pirate entities. And compared to the empire militia suppression bonus of point/web range it’s just a bad design.

But here’s the simple solution: pirate corruption DOES allow bubble use in lowsec…but FW pirate pilots whether in a ship or a pod…have Interdiction nullification. They can freely warp in and out of bubbles allowing them to actually take advantage of the suppression mechanic without risking losing pods to the same mechanic that is supposed to give them an advantage.

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No, the simple solution is, you get an entourage of pirate npc ships roam next to you and help you escape.

Its the least they could do to help you.

Don’t discount the vast disparity in pilot skill nor the average null bloc linemember’s ignorance of basic lowsec mechanics.

The number of goons who got blapped by station and gate guns was hilarious.

I was in goons (tnt) at the time, even though my corp spent 99% of our time in lowsec. I had many facepalm moments trying to explain why someone got dunked by gate guns. That Viceroy concept was perhaps the dumbest thing Mittens ever tried.

FYI: most wormholers fight in implants with bubbles around the place. You just accept that you’ll lose the plugs every now and again.

Personally, I see no problem. I don’t think nullified pods is the way to go. Send an alt out with a shuttle, or stash shuttles in the systems that have been fully Corrupted. Or fly in a deadhead if you’re worried.

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It’s just that the current corruption bonus is so…underwhelming. And nullification unique to a faction seems like a unique way to play where you don’t have anything like that anywhere else.

Fair point.
Do the system bonuses apply to all players in that system? Or just players of the appropriate faction?

In any case, having battleships blowing through bubbles would be a rather powerful mechanic when only one side can do it.

Yeah it seems to be faction based. Empire Militia will have their point/web bonus if suppression is up to 5. Pirates just get to…warp faster and anchor bubbles which is meh compared to it. But pirate nullification + bubbles would be able to compete with the Empire militia bonus.

When you add implants into the equation, the pirates will have a rather large advantage.

Not that I mind. I’m planning on enlisting with the pirates, so, yuh, CCPleeze?

Yeah and to be fair it’s only in those specific systems temporarily until the insurgency moves on.

I’m not looking forward to facing Serpentis ships with Web range bonuses flown on the empire side.

That’s going to be OP AF once you add links into the equation.

I don’t get it. Bubbles will hurt the empire militia and everybody else, as it takes their implant advantage of lowsec away. The new pirates have a strong affiliation to nullsec, so it makes sense they bring “their” ecosystem to lowsec.

Nevertheless I’m not a fan of player faction limited bonuses, as it would de facto limit PvP in those systems to only the opposing factions, who together stomp on everybody else.

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i dont like this, either no one or everyone should have to deal with this shitty bubbles and i would really prefer if it would be no one.


One thing I noticed, in all news and talks it’s only about interdiction bubbles, you will not be able to anchor one, neither in low nor in Zarzakh. That means Dictors and HICs.

CODE. Was his greatest idea tho.

The problem is that point and web range bonuses are far more useful and versatile.

and who the fugg cares about ppl who risk a HG implant set ? if you dont wanna lose it then dont use it ! quite simple

stupid idea …

If you’re not a complete idiot, you should almost never lose Implant sets in lowsec or hisec.

Maybe, yes, but bubble mechanics are strong as well. Bombs are more or less pointless in a brawl meta. I think it’s impossible to balance those effects/buffs against each other.

Bubbles will not hurt anyone. People will.

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Man you really missed the entire point. Just nothing registered up there with y


the point is easy … if its realy that dangerous for Low Sec dudes with their implants, then they will do EVERYTHING that their loved low sec dont drop to nullsec and TADAAAA … no bubbled !