Why can guristas disrupt now?

Hey Returning player here (or well, was returning not anymore)
i have about 120 hours total in the game

I like this game and its cool but when i came back cause i got intrested on what was going on and got used to the UI and stuff again i decided to take out my abaddon for a spin

warped into a asteroid belt in a 0.7 security system to try find the capsules with D-scan and
7 guristas NPC warp in and i die to them cause they can disrupt now??

I just want to know why theyre able to disrupt now, i cant feel somewaht safe even in highsec cause of it and lost the one ship i cant replace pretty much

Yes i did try using drones to deal with them since my guns couldnt track but the drones died
its as if they made highsec NPCs be lowsec/nullsec

Why did this change happen??
i know the saying of dont fly what you cant afford to lose, but its the first time i see npcs disrupt me at that security level

Sounds like diamond rats. Im pretty sure diamond rats can disrupt,

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You probably died to diamond rats, which spawn in systems with forward operating bases. They’re easily avoided if you know to look for them (check the agency for FOB’s). Unfortunately, they tend to catch returning players off guard simply because they don’t know about them. People have proposed various diegetic and non-diegetic warnings to alert players to the danger, but CCP has never done anything about it… and we periodically get players asking for more info (or to complain about it) on the forums.


Anyway, here’s a quick summary of the things that tend to catch returning players off guard.

  • Resists were nerfed with the Surgical Strike update, so old fits might no longer have enough tank for the same content that you used to throw at them. Note that resists recently got a buff. They’re not back to pre-nerf levels, however, and there have been a ton of other balance changes as well. Thus, you should still look for modern fits.
  • Forward Operating Bases spawn “diamond rats” (there is a diamond at the beginning of their name) in the same system that they spawn in. These rats are much more dangerous than other rats, so you might want to give them a wide berth unless you know what you’re doing. You can check to see if a system has a FOB by looking in the new Agency window.
  • Triglavian rats are another type of new and dangerous rat that can even spawn on gates in HS. They spawn in minor trig victory systems, and certain systems that can spawn wormholes to a new area of space called pochven. You can set the route planner to avoid minor trig victory systems, but that can cut you off from various sections of space. Moreover, you can still get caught by trigs in systems with trig wormholes. Thus, you best bet is to get positive standings with them. It’s quick and easy. Here’s a guide .
  • Upwell structures (player built structures) can go into an abandoned state if they go unfueled for too long, which will cause their asset safety will turn off. Thus, don’t leave your stuff in one before taking long breaks.
  • Brokers Fees have been dramatically increased. So, trying to engage in the 1 isk war will quickly drain your bank account. Fees and taxes aren’t so bad that you should never change your orders, but updating too frequently will eat your lunch.
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