Why can I not repackage unresearched blueprints?

Soooo, I’ve got a couple of blueprints I no longer want to invent from. Why can I not repackage these to sell on the market? Another “Feature” from CCP?

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BP can’t be repackaged, period.
It avoids any issue with BPC being repackaged as BPO.
And avoid any issue with people accidentally or not repackaging someone else fully researched BP.
Those two benefits largely outweight the inconvenience of not being able to place on the regional market the unresearched BP you don’t intend to use now. You have the contracts as a workaround. Or just keep those BP. Or research them. Whatever.

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A BPO cannot be unpacked and unresearched. :thinking:

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Wtf? How can that be an issue?

Uhh, as if the repackaging cannot be allowed only on unresearched BPOs…

OP is correct.

Because that’s how it is. BPC are BPO, with a positive runs instead of -1

Just like you, OP has no idea how it works.

“Used” BPOs and all BPCs can be sold through Contracts. I would imagine the decision was made long ago to not be able to sell used BPOs on the market since it would require 231 different listings to accommodate all the possible ME and TE research state combinations. The Contracts function allows items to be sold “as-is”.


Nope, the reason for that is different : you don’t sell items on the regional market, instead you sell stacks of a type.

This and that are two different things. They can’t be sold on the market BECAUSE they can’t be repackaged.

Now of course the devs could make it so that when you have a BPO item that is not modified (so infinite runs, me=0, and te=0), then you can repackage it. But this needs specific cases to tests and could lead to further issues(and therefore abuse), for a very low gain, so it’s better to just not do it.

Once a BPO is used for anything, it is a unique item. All BPCs made from the BPO refer to that one unique item that made them. A BPO being unpackaged, unresearched, and uncopied is a rare occurrence and thus no exceptions were made in the coding.

I don’t think they refer to the source. I may be wrong, but yes if that was the case that could be a constraint issue in the DB.

See. Exactly. Then it should not be an issue in first place.

We both know how it works. And we know it can be done better. You as CCP fanboy will never admit that they could do better. As a programmer I know they could. The option to repackage BPO could be easily implemented if the BPO hasn’t been researched - ie. its ME and TE is 0. And that is what this is about.

Anyway, I was gone for half a year so I forgotten why I blocked some users. I gave you benefit of doubt, but there indeed was a reason. I will stop opening the hidden replies now sou you can have your last word. Bye.

But yet you can repackage Formulas and sell them after use

Formulas can’t be researched or copied so there’s no real danger of letting people repackage those.