Why did CCP always force players to do sth but encourage

Many people stay in High sec and they enjoy freedom and leisure life there. Many of them get bored with fights in Null/Low sec area with massive TIDIs and lags which wastes players’ time and happiness. But currently CCP just uses invasion to force players to move to low or null sec area, to force players to join lags and TIDIs and to force players those CCP don’t like to get out of the game.

Why didn’t CCP try to modify the game experience in null or low sec to attract players to move there. Why didn’t CCP modify there fight mechanism to reduce lags and Tidis to encourage more players to join the fight?Why is CCP such lazy and arrogant?




Most players are not going to enjoy taking orders from some drunk kid. How can CCP change that?


I saw this brilliant art in another thread and thought it should get posted more often - there are so many threads like this


Invasion covers like 6 systems. It’s not the end of the world. Grow a spine, kid.


There are 6 now but we don’t know how many will it be in future. Maybe CCP will remove high-sec system some day.

Freedom is paid for in blood.

What will you say when your kids ask ‘where were you when the trigs invaded?


“i was whining like a little coward on the forums as a grown man who was too scared of losing some space pixels” -OP


I feel like the Trig invasion is going to be an epic CCP troll - where the joke will be on everybody who participated.


“I don’t appreciate the way you’re personally attacking me right now.”

There are currently 145 systems directly affected by Triglavian Invasions (Liminal, Fortress, Minor Victory, Redoubt and invaded). There are a total of 1907 systems in Empire space (1090 Highsec and 817 Lowsec). That means that about 7.5% of all Empire systems are directly affected by Invasions. Not overwhelming, but not inconsequential either.

Caldari systems are more vulnerable due to weak NPC strength. Three of four Empires are affected by issues with gunstars not spawning correctly.

We will have to wait until the end to see what the totals are and what the lasting effects will be.

They want people to buy PLEX and that’s all.

Now that trade and all PVE activity is harder people who want to do PVE will have to buy more PLEX.

Its that simple.

Why did CCP always force players to do sth but encourage


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This is entirely player-driven. CCP is not “removing” HighSec, players are. If you want your side to win, join up! If you let other players win, it’s not CCP doing the forcing!

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Following a drunk FC is fine as long as one is drunk enough not to care but not so drunk as to forget to apply for SRP.

Back on track… it’s been quite fun casually joining fleets as time permits.


How Unfortunate

Ah, I see you are a man of culture

Well you can’t get players to do what they don’t want to do, no matter what incentive you give them.

But that doesn’t stop games companies from trying, although you would have thought they would have learnt that by now.

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That’s a profoundly stupid idea. Apparently you don’t understand the fact that PLEX is purchased with ISK generated via PvE? If all PvE activity is harder and less profitable then nobody has extra ISK to buy PLEX with, and therefore nobody buys plex from CCP’s F2P cash shop.

What CCP needs to drive PLEX sales is inequality. They need to divide their customers into successful PvE players with excess ISK to spend on PLEX and players who fail at PvE (or are too lazy and/or rich IRL to bother) and have incentive to buy PLEX. And that’s what we see them doing: replacing menial farming tasks that everyone can do with more challenging (but still profitable if you’re good at EVE) content that many players will fail at.