Why did WIS fail?


I remember seeing the demo. (Hell, I remember seeing an atmospheric flight demo as well.) Got as far as Captain’s Quarters with a door to the station that never opened.

Was it ever meant to open?

So why did WIS fail? Any hopes for the future?

CCP’s desire to build it was ahead of their ability to build it.

Ultimately they over promised and under delivered and that situation got everyone offside, both internally and in the customer base.

As a result, they changed direction, to focus on the core gameplay in space, which the game engine is better suited to.


It could not compile to 64bit as it was made in a abandoned engine. As it thus did not fit in the 5 year development plan it will be done later in a 64bit capable engine.

I hope so but there is no ingame advantage (yet) discovered from the tech demo we got. It could be nice to socialize and spend money on clothes and furniture/station rooms as it gives no unfair advantage.


Because of ego, nepotism, symptoms of internal segregation and a very deeply rooted negative confrontation within CCP’s old core.

Keep in mind, in those days there had been quite a few episodes of things getting shaken up. There were parts of CCP which wanted to do something new, parts which wanted to take back control from the perception of having the chase after player behaviour, parts which wanted to do grand new things other than eve, and so forth. In general, it had been just EVE + hated customers for too long and no awesomesauce of grand game design adventures.

It wasn’t CCP who screwed up. It was a dynamic of oldies within CCP who were less equal than others while embracing delusions which were stupendously easy to recognise as exactly that: delusions.

There’s a very sad chain of specific people and decision points across every such failed attempt to bring back the awesome, a sentiment that came from getting frustrated with eve and players because it turned out that eve wasn’t about being able to do grand things for themselves showcasing the awesomeness. Instead it got stuck in swamps of bad venture management and a few organisational syndroms affecting product management.

Probably best to not to go into names and tales, they’re gone. Years and years too late, but aside of two or three the awesomesauce crowd finally was gone.

Nothing in this was a case of evil on purpose, or even stupid on purpose. Hanlon’s Razor applies harshly, but correctly.

Either way, from attempts of awesome with EVE as a launcher, so to speak, CCP moved on to doing things besides EVE, to use those as a launcher. Which, as we know, failed painfully. Every time.

Incarna died along the way. Not the same as WiS though. This is a venture level type of decision though, which makes it subject to PA’s directives.

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because it had no benefit … it was useless … maybe good looking but not more

has it a benefit in future? what benefit?

WiS was a cool cosmetic idea but for EVE … the game … the gameplay … useless
WiS is dead


Well, as with all games the benefit is entertainment especially when it comes to sandbox style games. An element of immersion is added as the EVE universe is expanded beyond just the stuff in space. Person to person trading as well as gambling (casinos) would be a nice diversion from the pew-pew grind. Besides, how else are you going to show off the nice threads you just got?

People were fine with WIS, so long as CCP could work on WIS alongside the actual game.

They demonstrated that they could not.

People got angry. Rightly so.

That’s why we can’t have wis.

I recall they were working on World Of Darkness as well at the time. Not to mention the now defunct Dust 514. Had that effort and resources gone into WIS, we may just have it today, especially since both projects died.

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Nerds love cosmetic stuff, the last 10 years or so has been all about skins and cosmetic items in most games. Player housing or cosmetic slots add nothing to most games yet people eat it up. Plus it’s easy to add currency sinks or microtransactions. That said CCP’s execution was straight up awful, having a one person static interior that ate cpu and got rid of ship spinning, it actively made the game worse.

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CCP dropped the ball, actually many balls. They cant even make chat working for 9 months so what do you want from them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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