Why do i have to verify my account every time i log into the forum

and when is this game gonna get good again

Wanna hear something really fun? I’ve installed Discord application on my iPhone today and it wanted me to prove i’m not a bot by showing me pictures and stuff! :rofl:

i blame falcon


You should.

Especially if you knew how much he’s doing to ban regulars from the forum for having the audacity to point out the lies now coming to light from the infamous AMA post overlord acquisition.

Have you wondered why everyone seems to have stopped posting? It’s not because it was their choice.

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please reply to my mail :eye::eye:

how do i see your mail nana

It was to Foggy.

And this geme is as good as it gets I am afraid.

awww i used to like this game before it had rules

before everyone got sent to european court of human rights for every minor infraction

this game used to be so good like everyone could be the villain and now its like
if youre the villain sjws gonna kill your pet cat

oh and btw i dont like the new wardec rules either

I have to verify my account if I log in to forum from the computer, that has coockies turned off.

You have to verify because you’re likely using something that is preventing the browser from setting the required cookies to mark it as a trusted system

yeah i get it its the cookies i dont want cookies on my computer i delete them after every session because i dont want amazon knowing about the porn i look at but thats not really the point

That is entirely the point, without those they cannot track your device to know you’ve logged in with it before and that its actually you, so either whitelist the cookies or deal with the extra work caused by one of your own life choices, they aren’t going to disable this feature and downgrade account security just because you don’t want them to store a tiny cookie on your machine

no the point is i shouldnt have to verify my account every time i log in i dont have to do it on any other site so why do i have to do it on this one

i can understand if ive been afk for 6 months but not every single time

and dont talk to me about life choices sorry but that is rude and unnecessary you have to understand youre making a life choice by even saying that

You have to do it because you’re deliberately refusing to let them set the cookie required to track the device, its an extremely simple concept to understand, no tracking cookie > no way to track your device accurately > you have to verify each login

Well it is a life choice you have made, you do therefore have to live with the consequences of that choice, and yes i am more than aware what i did and i live with the consequences of that choice, you complaining about life choices :stuck_out_tongue:

Question resolved.

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