Why do Minmatar DED 1/10 don't drop deadspace modules?


On fuzzwork it says it’s the only 1/10 that don’t drop deadspace modules. https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/evelopedia/index.php?title=Minmatar_Contracted_Bio-Farm

I’ve run 43 of them and indeed never got anything except for the overseer’s crate.

Why is that ?

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Probably because dead space modules are a valuable reward and 1/10 sites are pretty easy so not enough risk for that level of reward

The Angel DED 1 loot table has been broken for at least 10 years, I noted this when I first started the game. It should be dropping Gistii C-Type modules, but none ever did :frowning: .

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It seems like the other faction 1/10 DED do drop deadspace modules though. There’s no reason for the Minmatar one to drop nothing.


10 years wtf? Maybe it’s intended by CCP for some reason?

Actually gonna submit a bug report. I really want to drop those gistii c-type modules :rage:

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it’s been bad for as long as I know of.

There are many loot tables that are completely broken, including the famous drone ded in HS (not sure if the sprout does drop something though)

They have been talking recently about removing the loot tables for all DED sites in high and lowsec and focusing them only on nullsec DED sites.

lol. Source ?

Its also mildly amusing that one of the Serpentis DED sites (I think its the DED 2) drops the Dramiel blueprint instead of the Daredevil blueprint :stuck_out_tongue:

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was posted awhile back will have to find.

The intention is to move everyone to where the game should be played. Nullsec only.

so : source ?

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CCP wants you to move to nullsec where the game belongs.

Every one of your posts alludes to an upcoming ‘radical change’, which you have made up, and when asked for additional info, silence.

So congratulations, you have officially been labeled a Troll, twas a poor effort but practice makes perfect.



wow no racism please.

seriously, STFU.


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