Why do redeemed items have to be auto-applied?

Let me have them like any other item, instead of auto applying them. Why not?

If its a matter of the market being flooded with the boosters and such (not sure what the big deal is even if that happens, free market and all), then make those items account or character bound.

I’d like to keep the quafe I earned in my lore container instead of being forced to use it.

Alternatively, maybe don’t put an expiration on the items in the redeem window so we can use the items when they would be most effective for us, without worry of losing them to some arbitrary expiration time.

Because of Alpha accounts. If items weren’t instantly redeemed and applied, everyone and their dog would create 1,000 Alpha accounts and use them to acquire and sell boosters and other items.

Long story short, Alphas are why we can’t have nice things…


There is no such thing as ‘character bound’ items in EVE and in my opinion there shouldn’t be either. This game is all about trading.

So if CCP wants to give out free stuff to players without flooding the market with those free skins and boosters, they automatically apply the things when you redeem them.

Also, this way they can give you very powerful boosters that you have to use within a certain time limit, so that such a giveout does not keep impacting the game forever, just for a limited duration.


Sounds like we should delete alpha s then.

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No reason to delete Alphas when the easier solution to stop free stuff from entering the game through Alphas is by making those items auto-applied when redeemed.

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It’s easier to just smother a patient than treat their fever… that doesn’t mean it’s the better option.

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