Why do warp distrurptors allow others to steer your ship?

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No he’s actually at least a bit right, being too broad with his brush including everyone but I just read back on the OP & my 1st post here, when I put the OP’s hat on & read it again (here, want this back?) I find I used more sarcasm than was warranted :confused: I think I’m happy with the rest of mine though.

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I think he is right too, and I liked his post for that, and I didn’t really have a problem with your comments either. I just thought there was one truly standout commenter. I beg your pardon for not including yours.

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Pardon granted :rofl: and yes Shah, very good responses & advice there.

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People giving here their personal time to write wonderful encyclopedia level answers, and this is called


? The only flaw there was is in the level of understanding of the OP, and not in the game dynamics. I have been steaming and screaming behind my monitor too, only to find out after the next Google research that it was just again a lack of understanding on my side, so just accept it, smile at your own imperfections and have double fun trying it again.

But anyway thanx everyone, including the OP for his detailed postings, the vets for the detailed answers, the protecting White Knight mediators for the fine social balancing, for this wonderful educative thread!

It is such an amazing sandbox here!!

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Sorry for the Necro but this was the best thread for this. I am back in eve for a bit to have a look at continuing my career with the new char.

Thank you OP. You are my welcome back to EVE target.

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And this is why forum alts are a thing :smile:

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I quite scarcely happen to read “I lost a 3b ISK BS” in a Newbie Forum. That’s why Industrials cost less than 1m btw.

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But anyway to get back to topic: Is battle preventing you from docking? I know there are several timers, but I was not aware if they prevent docking. The suspect timer doesn’t for sure :slight_smile:
Or was OP just bumped out of the docking perimeter? I saw webbed BCs creeping to Stargates and jump to secutity, so the webbing will prevent neither jumping nor docking I think.

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I had an experience of a charming fellow trying to blast me on the Jita undock, but as they didn’t bring that much firepower I just docked back up. It takes a few seconds before you can do it though, and during that time you might just get alpha’d.

Or you might do as the OP says in his first post and shoot back, which DOES deny you your docking rights as you’ve engaged in combat by returning fire.

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Simply being engaged (see: someone shooting or aggressing you) will not prevent you from docking or jumping through a stargate.

All it will do is add a “log off timer” where your ship will remain in space for 15 minutes if (for whatever reason) you exit the game in space.
I should also note that if you do exit the game in space (regardless of circumstances) your ship will attempt to warp 1 million km in a random direction. This can be stopped by a warp disruptor/scrambler though.

Now… if you shoot back (or take any aggressive action), even in “self-defense,” you will gain a "Weapons Timer."
This new timer will prevent you from docking or jumping through a stargate and will last for 60 seconds after you stop using any offensive module(s).

This timer is to prevent people from engaging and then bugging out at the last second when they know they will lose (note: this works both ways and can be used to anyone’s advantage).

Near as I can tell…

  • the OP was running missions in the middle of a war (see: he was a legal target and could be shot by anyone in the opposing corporation)

  • the OP warped to a station (presumably the one he runs missions out of) and he exited warp either within or a few hundred meters away from the docking radius of the station
    (note: there is always a variance in where you will exit warp. Sometimes you will land just short of your intended destination, sometimes slightly past it)

  • Hostiles were presumably waiting for the OP on or close to the station (which they could have done by watching the OP for a day or two and making note of any patterns in behavior)

  • the OP was shot at and he returned fire (earning himself a weapons timer and making it so he could not dock)

  • the OP was then bumped away from the station (removing any hope of deagressing and docking) and ground down by the hostiles

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As a new player myself . . . I’m still trying to figure out how this ‘new player’, just weeks old, is flying around in a 3.16 Billion ISK ship . . . and acknowledges it isn’t even his first Raven . . . yet does not even understand the modules he has fitted. How did he acquire the skills for the ship/modules? How did he acquire the ISK for any of it?

As an aside - I know this might not be the proper place for the OP . . . but there was some really great info in it. Thanks to all!

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  1. Buy PLEX from CCP with real world money
  2. Sell PLEX in game for ISK
  3. Buy Skill Injectors
  4. Inject Skills
  5. Buy ship
  6. Fit ship

All this with no understanding of game mechanics (what works) or other peoples play styles (so what I should fit to try & counter them) because I haven’t taken the time to learn the game before throwing wads of cash at it.

  1. Undock
  2. Lose ship

Rinse & repeat as often as desired… or until bored or real life money runs out.

It’s easy, couldn’t be simpler :slight_smile:

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But I think that’s ok, because that makes my Algos or Vexor quite uninteresting for gankers - if they can have multibillion Ravens on their Killboard :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s a sickness in EvE.

New player starts EvE and sees all the shiny ships around him.
New player assumes his ship (and anything he can access) must be “bad” because he is new.
New player theorizes that shiny ships are the reason everyone wins fights and decides he needs “good” ship to win fights, not the “bad” ships he can access because new.
New player spends RL cash on ISK and injects SP to fly blingy ship, buys blingy ship and terrible blingy fitting.
New player has no idea how to keep blingy “good” ship alive and is easily killed by “bad” ships.
New player decides game is broken because “bad” ships killed his “good” ship and takes to the forums to tear strips off anyone who will listen, completely ignoring the obvious answer.

New player was incorrect in their belief that cheap ships are “bad” and expensive ships are “good”. New player should have focused on learning how the game works, and should have used very cheap ships to learn those lessons over time.

Same old story. Skill injectors should be removed for the sake of new players.

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You are supposed to say “Hello there OP”

Now I’m really sad Kane! :disappointed_relieved:

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You should read the above quote and think about it. EVE is a game of emergent/spontaneous order, that is people do things that the Devs never intended…and that’s okay (so long as it is not game breaking like tracking titans). In other words, if a player comes along and figures out a way to do something based on the mechanics…its generally fine as Shah Fluffers post indicates.

Now, what happened to you was in no way game breaking. You basically did something foolish (most likely unwittingly) and it ended badly for you. Learn from it.

When under a war dec do not undock in a blingy ship.
When under a war dec keep in mind various timers in terms of limitations they put on you.
If you want to minimize war decs avoid the various trade hubs and trade lanes, that is where most war dec players live. If you have to go there go on an alt (your account has 3 slots, use one of them for this).

There is a bunch more for you to learn too and I would recommend looking into finding those who can help you learn about the game and its mechanics. Seek them out.

Stop arguing to make fundamental changes to the nature of the game. You’ll gain only a few friends that way and they won’t be friends you can count on, IMO.

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You forgot, forum denizens show up to collect the massive quantities of salt to fuel our “bad ships”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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