Why do you call it "content"?

Who is the wonderful person who started to refer to “things we do in the game” as “content”? Content is what the developers put in the game, not what you do with it. Nothing you do can create “content”.


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www.minerbumping.com is one of the best examples of player created content. Grab popcorn, and enjoy all the miner salt


CCP said so, so we believe. :wink:


Except that Eve is a sandbox. Very little has been put in the game by the devs. Compare it to WoW, where you click a button to get a dungeon group, battleground or arena match… in Eve this would all be player generated.

The dev’s made the universe, the people in it provide (or are) the content.


If we put it that way, then GTAO also have such content. EVE isnt speshal. :wink:

Her name is Jim


Ahhh, I get it. Must be a translation issue. Because that word, in English, absolutely does not fit the usage. Nothing players do can create “content”.

Semantics. We play what CCP made. Content of a game is those textures, servers, clientside software, pllayers are players, and some refer to player actions as content also. For me it doesnt matter how would they call it. Most of it is grind. :laughing:


The content of a game is the exciting stuff you can do in a game.

There are three types of players in EVE:

  1. Content creators – The people who go look for fights, and call in their corp (or whatever) when they get one. They create the content.
  2. Ping warriors – the people who sit in their home system and wait for a content creators to ping them (either through in game chat channels or out of game tools) calling for assistance. They consume the content.
  3. Targets – Everyone else. They are the content.

That’s the part that really makes no sense. “I flew around looking for content, but all I found were miners, and they ran away and wouldn’t give me any content”.

The npc rats you kill are content, just as the players you kill (or that kill you) are content. The actions of npcs is content, just as that of players. The stuff you buy from an npc vendor and the process of buying the stuff is content, just as buying stuff from an other player.

The cat ears you will buy for your avatar from the pearl abyss cash shop will also be content. :smiling_imp:

As Eve is a pvp game, content nearly always refers to pvp related content.


Content may settle during shipping.

Fun in EvE is offered by weight, not volume.

–Gadget trusts the cereal box


I’m with you on the stuff, but calling player actions “content” is not even defensible. It’s completely absurd. If I undock and fly around in circles, that is not content. I think it must take a very special kind of confusion (or the aforementioned linguistic disparity) to call it that.

This thread is certainly not forum content.


The nature of the universe is that its filled with something. One may call it content. :joy:


I am content with the content that is a constant when playing eve even in a contemporary setting.



OPs are getting dumber by the day.


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