Why does Edencom need an Orca?

While flying through low sec today I had come across this Edencom Fortification Orca that appears to be Shield +Armor +Hull Tanked to the hilt.

Why are they stealing our resources?

lol, that’s a good one

Because Edencom didn’t get a shiny new hauler for anchoring gunstars.



It is all part of the plan. First, James 315 taught players to gank the AFK highsec miners in their yield-fit hulks. Over time, the ecosystem changed and the miners adapted by flying tanked orcas for their AFK mining needs. It became harder and harder to find gankers that were interested in suicide ganking one orca with a fleet of seven taloses, only to lose money in the bargain. So, CCP introduced Triglavians to gank the orcas - since Triglavians were immune to Concord and faction police and didn’t care about the cost of their ships.

Now players may be losing interest in AFK mining, since the Triglavians just lawnmower them - so now CCP is introducing tanked NPC orcas so that Triglavians will have someone to gank.


At first glance it looked as to be mining something.

Orca makes a fine player transport hauler, I agree but why Edencom?

Now that is just plain rude.


No, anchoring gunstars is more plausible and has nothing to do with teaching Afk Orca Miners a lesson.

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If you own Orca isn’t showing those resistances… it’s undertanked. Perhaps they acknowledge James and follow the code.

uh-uh it’s about the delivery of Ice into the cargo hold

Fit the Orca like this y’all Large Drone Mining Augmentor II x2 & Large Drone Mining Augmentor I for the Rigs, then Drone Navigation Computer II x4 for drone speed.

And call it “Loot Piñata”

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Even if you fit your Orca with as much Tank as you possibly can, it won’t stop neither the Invasion fleet or even a fleet of Pilots

When an Invasion fleet warps in they will tackle you, you have to fight those drones and you will need drone speed. The anti-miners (aka Gankers) would send plenty and they all tackle.
Was thinking of the Burst Jammer II if that would be worth it but it might flag you. (either way I guess you lost your Orca as they have a 20sec + sub warp time)

Might as well mine at these kind of rates when you have the chance.


'Player driven games are a thing of the past.’

'Shall we go themepark?’

'Pfft amateur’

'Then what?’

'FULLY NPC driven game!! No players!’

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Players can mine with the NPC mining fleets or gank with the NPC gank fleets… I said it as a joke, but now I feel a bit queasy and need to sit down.



…then kill it? It’s not “yours” if they’re literally mining it away from you in front of your eyes.

Just cargo scan them.

Just so we are all clear, the Orcas are like the Trig Industrials, they will deploy Gunstars and Cynobeacons. They drop the building materials to make EDENCOM ships, and shooting them will make the Trig stop shooting you, but will make all of the EDENCOM faction forces attack you on sight, including Gunstars.


You only just found that?

Personally I thought it was awesome, despite it suggesting that some NPCs have more balls and are better at Eve than many people.


Minor victory, I did return though even after dropping probes was not able to fine that Orca

Gee, thats clever … ?? … maybe …

Had anyone noticed the amount of Ore left behind after a Invasion Minor Victory?

It feel like I am in Null Sec Mining with the amount of Ore. It even feels like it’s all mine.

Players can also name their barges to show up on D-scan like this;
This is what I like to call Blend +)

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