Why does this keep hapening?

World of Darkness
DUST 514
EVE Online going F2P

Now before this gets locked up which it will perhaps we can learn a few things.

The original people who invisioned this game no longer work for the company that now maintains this game and due to really bad and i mean awful decission making at the highest level CCP is throwing your subscription money out on ideas for which they make no solid research beforehand.
Now imagine all that money invested in this game…a few things I could think that we would have would be:all ships redesigned by now,a larger pool of systems=larger universe, no tidi,even more ship types,dynamic pve content,walking in stations.
I know the truth hurts but the fact is we are being milked for cash some of us for over a decade while the state of the game is in decay.


I cannot tell if this thread counts as a rant or merely a bit of truth telling.

Yeah it’s really strange how a company changes over time while maintaining its flagship game for nearly 15 years in a market that is growing ever more unfriendly for MMOs and subscription-based pay models. Weird that a company might want to diversify at some point try to develop new products.

You’re not wrong, but it’s also not in the least bit surprising.

Additions to the game in the past few years have all been good. I’m a big fan of Upwell structures, the new ship redesigns and especially the way they’ve been balancing ships, the T3C update did a lot of good for a couple of my characters. PvE content is getting more dynamic. There are a lot of things to be addressed still, for sure, but it would be ignorant to say all CCP can do is ruin the game. I think EVE is continually becoming more accessible and not in a bad way as content gets added to all tiers of gameplay.

Dust 514, Walking in Stations, Valkyrie, these might be high priority for other people and I respect that but they are very, very low priority for me and I still look forward to the December update.


Exactly Mr Jannesen,

In short game companies have to try new things, most of the time they fail, but they at least tried them. I wont even list the number of failed or canceled projects EA has done of the years, let alone Blizzard, or Activision.

I mean EA is often called “the place where good games go to die”

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The truth hurts? Your lack of facts hurts more

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Dude why does ISD keep deleting all my posts

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I too feel that CCP has spent a lot of money on features (walking in stations etc) or games that have proved to be unsuccessful. However I also feel that the game has progressed really well too.

When you think about it, they need maybe 1000 subs to pay for 1 staff member (for a year), they are doing well considering what their income is! I hope they learn their lesson and focus on Eve Online and similar MMP games in the future. This is where they were born, this is where they are market leaders and this is where the money is.

Less of the gimmicks, more of the core content. I would also love to see CCP Eve Events like in the early days too, perhaps a small team for that would be helpful. They could certainly do with a Vulkan update / graphical overhaul. Perhaps add VR support to the main game (though with all the zoomed out fights that might not help much!).

Just focus the money on what the subs want! And I hope they continue to support the community (things like Eve TV were AWESOME) and grow their game.

fly safe CCP

lmao… ccp hired the ex head guy from EA…and if you wondering why we’re in the micro-transactions p2w era… look at the top. lol


So um… Can anyone think of a gaming company that has had one game for 15 years and done nothing else? No side projects, no spin offs, no alternate titles, nothing else at all, and that company still be doing well?

The fact that CCP has tried to diversify is awesome. While people complain, they forget that CCP has been on the cutting edge of a lot. I can’t think of any other company who even tried to have 2 separate games interact together in differing platforms. Heck most games can"t even be played cross platform much less let the actions in one game effect the other. Guess what, DUST did.

Valkyrie… A game started as nothing more than a side project to let developers have a little free fun development time to create as they please… Turned into an opening launch title for VR, that’s impressive. Yeah VR may not have caught on, but still the buzz generated was great PR for CCP.

So yeah… This stuff wasn’t perfect, but man it was impressive. And it was cutting edge. Do you think blizzard or bungie did as much innovation? Heck Microsoft is huge and even they couldn’t get PC and console players together in Halo. It may finally happen in the next halo but not yet.

So sorry, complain all you want… CCP has done extremely well. Yeah things aren’t perfect, but for what amounts to an Indy game developememt company, to do all they have done, even if it wasn’t always perfect, congrats to them. I’m still subbing that’s for certain.


What’s wrong with that? It ran for three years and CCP claimed it was profitable. If you want to complain about something here, maybe focus on the PC port (Project Legion) that never came… But there’s still Project Nova out there - maybe.

Again, was viewed as very nice VR experience, profitable until now and it seems understandable that VR development is scaled back as it doesn’t seem to take off as expected. Still, I wouldn’t see Valkyrie as a bad decision or even fail.
The other two VR projects, Gunjack and Sparc, were apparently also quite ok.

The trailer was nice. Beyond that… well.

Was part of the Eve client and wasn’t appreciated by the Eve community. The execution and the release timing was pretty bad, but it still could be argued that this could have made Eve a much bigger and better game.

F2P always has a bad taste to it. However, let’s see it as evidence that CCP is capable of doing things that will keep Eve alive longer and that’s not that bad at all.

Overall, I can only agree with this:

Which microtransactions are pay to win? :stuck_out_tongue:

Citation needed

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Oh look, unrealistic expectations for development milestones, ignorance of how game development works, and unsupported speculation about the internal state of CCP all in one thread. Riches! :roll_eyes:

when u can BUY with real money skill injectors and inject them up in order to learn all skills within an instant and no time involved… its instant p2w…

hell son, go look at what ccp has done in the past… Chinese server they give stats bonus on some skins…pay 2 win… everything bout eve now is p2w… you want to make isk in game… buy plex… pay 2 win… you want to get that uber ship and not grind your way into it… buy plex… pay 2 win… why take 18 yrs to learn all skills…when you can buy plex to get isk to buy your skills in one shot… its called… PAY 2 WIN!

Except that in EVE you can get every item without paying real money whatsoever.

In addition, I like noobs that buy plex, inject and have a big shiny ship. It pads the killboard and provides shiny loot to fund PVP.

If you want to discuss this, please keep it to one thread.