Why Eve is not a PvP game


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Well, at least you’re honest about being a useless troll.


ant that means that eve is a pvp game

Then, by your admission, the trader who never undocks from Jita isn’t doing PVP, because they haven’t undocked and therefore did not consent to PVP.

One does not exclude the other.

but isn’t that what you are doing? wahhhhh muh pve ships get ganked, no more pvp
Jesus man do you not have anything better to do than keep smashing your head against this wall?

we aren’t telling anyone how to play the game. we aren’t forcing ideas down anyone’s throat. we see things as it is, as it was, and clearly what the game will be in the future. its a do whatever you want game, as long as you realize

You play your way. go sit in Vaere with your corp members who are ganking noobs in Ventures. hmmmm kettle? meet pot.

yep, even pve in its simplest form can be pvp. go into a sansha hideaway and then someone else drops in and tries to kill the things faster. Its pvp by competing for the loot/payout/expeditons

I fly a triple sebo phantasm with such a fast lock time that im pretty hard to beat, even on alpha. Only select missile ships have been able to outdo me (though that was back when i was single sebo, before i tweaked my fit). But i dont go locking for a contest. But i’ll give a challenger 1 heck of a test if they try to claim my sites! pvp without the blowing up players part


I mean, its fairly obvious its an EvE game.

Why this thread exists I have no idea.

Obvious some people have trouble with basic definitions so…

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Stop lying. I have explicitly and frequently said that I am opposed to arena-style PvP and reject any proposal for it to exist.

Merin likes to ask why someone would pay just to PvE, yet seems to think people will pay to be the fodder of some neckbeardy incel ganker.

No I don’t. I think people will pay, get ganked once or twice, and take it as a challenge to overcome. And then they won’t get ganked anymore because avoiding ganks is not that hard. EVE wants the person who responds to being ganked by investing in Catalyst production, not the person who whines on the forum and ragequits because farming isn’t 100% safe.

Also, nice job revealing your biases there. Too bad it has nothing to do with reality.


That is 100% accurate and true.

Wrong! Eve is a PVP game. Miners just waste their time and serve as content for real players - PVPers.

Then it’s a PVP game for you too.

This is fundamentally wrong. Everything in this game in PvP, even afk highsec mining. The reason is because everything goes through the market. So even someone highsec mining affects other players the instant they bought the ship they used to mine with, let alone the ore they sell.

Just because you are not pewing doesn’t meant you don’t affect the people that do. This is the big misunderstanding between ratters/miners/nullbears and pirates. Ratting/mining/and other nullbearing has an effect on every other player. Therefore there needs to be a way for other players to affect them back, not just letting them rat/mine/nullbear in safety.

and if you are not pewing you are loosing because pewing is the second best thing in eve , the best is ofc stuff

If you are mining in X4 (for example) then that is PvE because at no point are you playing against another human. In EVE, while the direct act of mining is PvE, you are doing in an environment where you are playing against humans; therefor it’s PvP. A player in EVE could live in a WH killing AI only and never see a player for months…still a PvP environment where the player is enjoying a PvE activity.


For EVE (above) no single player…it’s PvP…
For X4 (below) no PvP, multiplayer or coop listed as you are ONLY against the programming…


everyone who is not capable of seeing the counter concept to eve is a pvp game is totally missing the point. but the fact that you miss the point makes my point.

Of course eve is a pvp game. But its more than that and that’s sad but most of you don’t get it anymore.

How is it “more than that”?

between .5 an R


Me: “I reject the idea of arena PvP, it has no place in EVE”.


Stop lying.

It’s bad practice to put off new players by giving them an unrealistic view of what the rest of the game will have.

It’s entirely realistic. The mechanics of how they are attacked might change but the basic concept remains the same: EVE is a game where people will kill you without mercy and you need to actively work to ensure their own safety.

EVE is an easy game

Only if your goals in EVE are limited to passive mostly-AFK farming or mindlessly pressing F1 in a nullsec blob. Go tell the people who are dominating the market, running massive nullsec alliances, etc, that the game is easy.

You’re a fairly low tier PvPer that sits about whining that you don’t have enough easy targets feeding you.

Hint for the clueless: I don’t do suicide ganking. But telling you this again won’t stop you from lying and pretending that I’m just trying to protect my own ganking activities, I’ve told you many times before and you continue to repeat the lie.

That will not attract decent players.

Well yes, if you define “decent players” in a particular self-serving way then I guess you’re right.

wanting to play in a sandbox differently to how you play.

Yep, that’s how the sandbox works. You want to do something, I’m free to go wreck your stuff because I don’t like it. Perhaps a sandbox game isn’t for you if your goal is to have your own private instance of the game where you can do your stuff and ban anyone from interfering with it? Maybe one of the many single-player games people have made to appeal to this market?

Also, it’s pretty hypocritical of you to complain about me not welcoming people who want to play EVE in a way that I don’t approve of while simultaneously calling gankers “incels” and “neckbeards” because they want to play EVE in a way that you don’t approve of. But double standards are nothing new for you.


That is a text-book example of salt.

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