Why I care about new players, and you should too

If they get railroaded onto the Sisters Epic Arc? To enjoy the sandbox, you need to leave the railroads. Finding the right time and place to hop off is what each newb has to figure out himself. Losing a ship might have you stay away from the game for some days, but geting bored will make you leave forever.

There’s no CONCORD on that killmail.

ermm what? why would concord be on the killmail?

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when is CCP going to solve the Ganking Problem? @CCP_Swift

There’s no loss on the other guy’s killboard from that date, no evidence of CONCORD at all - run a BR and there’s no indication the other guy died. If the original guy was running filaments, he likely had a criminal timer and wasn’t ganked, just killed fairly by somebody who was hunting for abyssal runners.

You can’t get a timer for running in a 0.5. The other guy is in an npc corp, he won’t have his character connected to Zkill to not show up as easy intel.

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That needs to be changed.

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There are many different opinions out there.
You wrote that you got ganked, it did not bother you, and you could afford another 100-mill ship in hours. That is what you could do. You belong to the player that made it through that 6 to 8-week death wall.
But not everyone likes what you like.
Not everyone evaluates the same.

Many other players’ feedback suggests a dislike of those situations. They mostly will never answer here because they moved on, away from Eve.

It boils down to the question; Do we want to care?
Should we care for player retention?
For some players fewer player numbers in EVE are better; for some not.
From a game financial perspective, it’s mostly better to have more paying customers.

Make what you want of it.

I mean CCP cares. The public cares? Why are you making it seem that no one cares? :joy: You are overthinking and being way too expressive about this.

Let CCP manage the NPE. They have the data, the tools, and the know how to do it. It’s their game.
What we can do as the average player is to be helpful to newbees and hopefully mentor them so they can become dedicated players. Do what you can and enjoy it. Can’t be a hero and save the game some people come with large suggestions on many different threads thinking they can be the savior of EVE online. I see it way too many times.

I don’t lose sleep over night because people are quitting a space pixel game, and you shouldn’t either. I do my part and I am proud to see the path some of the people I knew from when they started EVE are today.

because i wasn’t the ganker and Sonya Redgun doesn’t upload her NPC deaths.

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back then, there was no place where you could get a timer for running t1 abyss. That has already changed.

it did bother me. I never used the same spot again, but made a whole new set of bookmarks in the next system.

And this is why everyone has to find some content they like. Players who don’t find it within 2 months tend to drop out, yes.

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You know that is completely natural right?

New players need to know about the risks of operating in a high populated area. This sadly dosen’t seem emphasized by vet mentors that I have seen. :man_shrugging:


There is no point talking to him tbh. as a professional politician he moves the goal post twice and then changed the subject rather than just admitting he was wrong and apologizing to you


Nothing to apologize for. The stuff he showed didn’t indicate this was a gank. He says it was, that’s fine - I’ll take his word for it. Still doesn’t matter. Last thing we need is coddling new players. It will not keep them around.


What has changed? There’s no reason to assume my trustworthiness might be different now from what it was 2 weeks ago. I didn’t pull any heist in the meantime. Why did you have such a hard time taking my word for it when i posted my lossmail the first time?

Only in your mind.

Other things are the “whole” point of the game to other players with a completely different mindset to yourself.

This is where players like you are so wrong, you’ve convinced yourself that there’s only a single point to the game when others think that Exploration/Mining/Manufacturing/PI etc are the whole point of “their” game.

You think that you’re right, others think that they’re right and it’s an argument that has been going on for years and years, and it always will.

Finally, however I play the game is the “whole” point of me subbing and logging on for years.

bruh ccp even supported the idea for many ways to play the game

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No, you don’t have to believe me. CCP Games is on record saying Eve Online is a PvP game. You can trust them:

New Player FAQ Page 15:


This is because EVE Online is essentially a PvP (Player versus Player) game at its core.

(The rest of your post is presumptive and bad-faith ad hominems that aren’t worth addressing – work on that)

Because you were talking like a new player who was misusing the term gank. It looked from that kill mail like this was a standard PvP situation, and you just didn’t realize you had a criminal timer and got killed.

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