Why is Rancer no longer as dangerous as it used to be?

For over a decade I feared flying through here, even with inty stab fits.

Now you can +1 yourself with an alt and come through with haulers.

What happened?

Dangerous pipes were the crux of the economy, and separated the bad industrialists from the good (I’d argue further, bad pilots from the good, since the Rancer pirates killed everything in sight).

People avoided it and Abhazon became more popular.

Been a while since flew through there, took on 2 magathrons in my little AF, popping one of them before flying off into the night with a wicked grin on my cute face.

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They didn’t expect to die to zero sig radius.

I remember holding a Tengu for 4 hours in room in my Vengeance until my buddies finally burned 60 jumps.

Because people switched to Miroitem.

The Universe Changed…?

Stage 1) Playing with prey
Stage 2) Box obsession