Why is the game so broken?

I hear this is just how you want the game to be. Does that mean you dont’ want the game to appeal to a wider audience? There’s countless things that would make this game better but seems like you feel a lawless universe is better

I think that is the appeal to a lot of the players (myself included).


How can EVE be lawless when we have 4 major empires?

Go to null if you want no rules?

Where are you getting this idea?

Can you please define what you mean by “so broken”? If you want to have a serious discussion about what issues you have with Eve Online, you need to give us specific examples.

That depends. Many of the people using this argument want to end the sandbox activities of current players. That’s not actually appealing to a wider audience, its actually trying to appeal to a different audience.

And if that’s what you mean: no, I don’t want the game to appeal to a “wider audience”. History has shown trying to appeal to a different audience can kill a game. Anyone who has heard me talk about this knows the example that’s coming. SOE changed Star Wars Galaxies with the New Gaming Experience in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience; they ended up with less subs after the NGE than before because they lost more players than they gained in their attempt to “appeal to a wider audience”…

Gross generalization there. Eve isn’t lawless. Even null sec and J-space have rules; they are just enforced by the players rather than some arbitrary NPCs.

Also, define “better”. Or is this another way of saying “appeal to a wider audience by removing game play that current players already enjoy”?

Frankly the “lawlessness” of Eve is its most appealing traits. Because there are so few rules, the players get to pick their own path. In almost every other MMO, the endgame is the same for every player. In Eve, it isn’t.

Maybe you want to build a vast alliance that controls space, you can do that. Maybe you want to be an industrialists and make huge amounts of ISK selling items you’ve created, you can do that. Maybe you want to fly huge capital ships, you can do that. Maybe you want to fly recon ships and be hated for annoying people with all that EWAR, you can do that.

Eve is a game where you define what your goals are… and most of us wouldn’t change that for anything.


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