Why is the Repair Systems skill a two-edged sword?

Oh, so now modifiers do change opinions into fact??? :thinking: Are you just a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian?

Which has nothing to do with the fact that, “less GJ/s being used, in and of itself, is objectively better (or “more efficient” as you’d say) than using more GJ/s […].”

Once again you show up to ignore the actual points being made and argue against your own strawman. :yawning_face:
Add another L to your collection, Mephie.

As I said in the extremely short post - I didn’t have time to discuss anything with you.
I was - and still am - busy. That’s one of the consequences of being a productive adult.

No - I just misread your post when I was writing something to let you know i wasn’t going to be sparring yesterday. I was in a hurry. Mea Culpa.

Presuming that this thread hasn’t died, we can pick this back up in October - assuming we still have a functioning government… Until then, I’m gonna be a bit out of pocket, but I’ll try and read what I can to stay current.

I hope everyone at the Fest is having fun!

–Gadget wishes she could be there - but alas bureaucracy

Again: this is opinion.
I’m happy to trade more cap for more rep, you clearly are not.
:heart: buy meph’corp cap batteries and rechargers.

OP, there’s a way to fix your issue.

Have you tried a skill extractor?

You can give it to me when you are done.

Why would you want an empty skill extractor?

You seem to have an almost fetishistic obsession with the GJ/s metric, which is easily one of the least important in this context.

GJ/s for a repper only really becomes relevant when the repper is left to repeatedly cycle, otherwise it’s really more of a cap/activation question, which isn’t impacted by the skill. If you’re leaving your repper to repeatedly cycle, most likely, one of two things is true:

  1. You’re over-repping while full and just pissing away cap for no reason and should stop being bad
  2. You’re taking sufficient damage such that you need to run the repper to stay alive, in which case you likely care more about the additional ehp/s.

If you want your repper to run slower, just… control your repper instead of letting it run indefinitely.

I accept your surrender.

This has nothing to do with the amount of reps, but the GJ/s used. Get with the program. Geez. :roll_eyes:

You clearly don’t understand the context or else you would not be making such ridiculous statement. Having more cap uptime is how I was able to complete the mission with skill level 1, whereas level 5 would have definitely led to cap failure. GJ/s lies at the heart of the issue. That you people want me to deviate from the main focal point in order that the discussion aligns with your strawman framing is what is fetishistic. If I go off topic and ignore the point I’ve been making there would be nothing to discussion.

There is no such thing as over repping when your rep is operating at a HP deficit and you are slowly losing HPs. Yet another newcomer who has not read the thread, doesn’t understand the point being made, isn’t aware of the specific scenario in question; yet insists on giving their two cents from a position of absolute ignorance. Or you’re just the latest troll. I don’t really care at this point. :yawning_face:

Which of us didn’t read what, now?

Thing is, in that scenario, the relevant metrics are ehp/s and ehp/gj, not gj/s as you seem to imagine.

This is simply mathematically false. All else being equal, you have the same rep capability per GJ in either case. If you were barely hanging on at level 1, you would simply toggle the repper at level 5.

That aside, if you’re barely completing missions due to capacitor struggles, it’s pretty indicative that you don’t have a solid grasp of what you’re doing overall and you should probably pay attention to some of the more holistic advice people have been offering.

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Cunningham’s Law is basically the king of engagement bait.

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EHP/s and GJ/s are inextricably linked through the mechanics of the skill.
You can’t scream about one while demanding we ignore the other.

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Did I stutter? You did not read my posts or lacked the comprehension skills grasp the point being made. That, or you are trolling.

Yet another per GJ per cycle nut, who willingly ignores GJ PER SECOND and pretends like they are the same. Like I stated, you either did not read, lack the ability to comprehend or you’re trolling. Because there is no way you cannot figure out that more GJ/s used results in losing capacitor faster and, if not cap stable, running out of cap faster. I already put to rest the ridiculous notion that a player could toggle the rep to get the precise GJ/s of lower skill levels, all while managing everything else. Even your compatriots realized how silly they sounded and dropped that line of reasoning.

The issue was that HPs were being depleted and I got to a point where the cap alarm was beeping. On paper there was a 59s difference. So all things playing out equal it is very likely that cap would have been exhausted if the skill was at level 5. Even though it would rep for a little more it would have ultimately failed entirely. At which point there is no HP recovery even if I survived long enough to regain enough cap to get another rep off because I was operating at a deficit to begin with. In that particular scenario if benefited me to just have level 1 skill level. My position is that this should never be the case under any circumstance. Currently I am flying a cap stable ship with a T2 module so the circumstances of the scenario are not even possible. That doesn’t negate the fact that the mechanic has situational flawed and it’s possible to be in a situation where lower skill level can work out better than higher. The point still stands. It’s just how the game is. You cannot offer advice in regard to the mere existence of a mechanic. That’s nonsensical.

Again, you prove you don’t have a grasp of the point being made. There can be no advice in regard to a game mechanic. Regardless of fit, skill level or even player skill; there still exists scenarios in the game in which having a skill at a lower level is more beneficial to having it at a higher level.

How many ways can I explain this to you people? If someone were to say that armor plates should not affect speed because you’re in space, telling them to not use plates and use extenders instead does not negate the game mechanic that is armor plates adding mass and effecting speed/agility. It’s not an issue of fitting. The point would be the mechanic, in and of itself, existing as it does. For some reason such a simple concept is too big brained for people to understand. This is not something within any player’s ability to address.

I did say you have to ignore anything. However, the point in regard to capacitor up time does not hinge upon HP/s. It’s solely determined by GJ/s. You understand this, Mephie. But you’ve also come to understand you’re fighting a losing battle and desperately want to change the subject to something else. You’re too prideful to just admit you did not understand what was being said initially. Instead, you’ve chosen to keep arguing with your own strawmen and howling at the moon. Quite sad. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I take it, you are not an aerospace engineer?

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This guy is a lunatic. Must be what he enjoys doing because it’s such an irrelevant thing to argue about

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No it’s not. There is no single scenario where having Repair Systems I trumps Repair Systems V for your ability to run whatever content. If you are stupid and not using the upgrade options this skill opens for you, it is not the games fault. These upgrade options are part of the skills progress and design and cannot be separated and ignored by only looking at the GJ/s.

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OP, I have a question:

How is that you know so much more than every 5, 10, 15+ year vet in thread, but are also relatively unsuccessful at the game? And please, spare us any, “yOu dON’t kNoW hOw suCcEsSfuL i aM,” claptrap. You’re literally talking about struggling with missions - some of the most trivial, entry-level PvE content in the game - to the point that you’ve dreamt up this degenerate repair systems hypothesis to explain your inability.

This whole thread is like a weird, inverse law of triviality thing where everyone in the room is trying to help you to get your nuclear power plant to actually work, and all you want to talk about is the bicycle shed.


He was a submarine troll and this is a flame bait thread.

Everyone who shows up with good intentions thinking their „new“ explanation is going to help, doesn’t. It’s all been said before a half dozen ways at this point.

The thread only exists so that OP can take the effort to explicitly declare themselves right as a continuous exercise so they can keep fooling themselves into believing that they are indeed right. No one else thinks that but acknowledging reality would shatter their ego by opening themselves up to becoming vulnerable via having to admit being in the wrong — not going to speculate on what it takes to have a personality that goes to great lengths to never ever admit being in the wrong.

It’s just sad to watch but I don’t feel sorry.

Block OP and move on.


Just an example of a hypothetical person making a hypothetic statement. Something I’ve heard people say. At no point did I advocate this. I know you are desperate for any kind of W considering all the L’s you guys receive on the daily, but let’s not be intellectually dishonest, deary.

You put your foot in your mouth once again. Everyone participating in this thread would have to be a lunatic. Including you. You clearly can’t get enough.

How is completing missions successfully unsuccessful? :thinking:
How exactly am I struggling? By winning? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
You’re literally just making up a contradictory fantasy in your own head. I mean, what else are you going to do? Actually refute the merit of what I’ve said? :laughing: Of course not.

By not having found out yet that “capstable” is another word for “bad fit” when it comes to running EVE PvE content. :person_shrugging:

Eh, not so much. I’ve spent a couple minutes, this dude has spent HOURS. Not quite the same level of investment

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