Why is the Repair Systems skill a two-edged sword?

I think I got measurably stupider reading this thread.

There’s nothing wrong with the skill or what it does, OP needs to adjust their perspective.

Not getting into it debating with OP, who is clearly roleplaying a lunatic on some spaceship game’s forums (very strange behaviour), however…

…if you are a new player reading this thread YOU SHOULD 100% ABSOLUTELY TRAIN THE REPAIR SYSTEMS SKILL, ignore OP.

This debate basically boils down to whether its better to get the rep you need quicker or not, which is a nonsense debate as you always want the rep as soon as possible. It would be preferable if armor reps provided the repair at the beginning of the cycle rather than the end but we don’t always get what we want! You control capacitor expenditure through the number of module activations you allow.

OP is literally making up nonsense straw man arguments and ignoring good explanations and advice.


Don’t know where you got that but I disagree 100%.

Most of my ship fits are Cap stable and I’m pretty damn good at Eve PvE…

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then show a cruiser fit which relies on cap thats capstable enough for a worst case t6 abyssal neut spawn while still having enough tank and dps.

its simply not possible, you rather want enough cap buffer and damage so you can remove neuts fast enough to a sustainable level before you run out of juice.

capstable or exess Gj/s is often not a good indicator of what a ship is capable of

First of all I don’t do Trig content, don’t like instanced content in Eve.

Secondly, I fly Minmatar ships which don’t need a lot of Cap.

Third, I said most of my ship fits, not all…

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like that skill/module. I just didn’t know exactly what it was but now I know.
I haven’t trained it past lvl.1 and not sure I want lvl.2 at all.
Thanks for the info.

Bro is sacrificing better active tank cause they cant handle using a bit more capacitor… ouch

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I assume “bad fit” is slang for “successful” considering a supposed “bad fit” T1 frig can complete any level 2 mission. The amount of cope you guys have to swallow to try and concoct a W in your imaginations is astounding. Yet another L for you.

I show up once a day, reply and leave. I would not have “spent hours” without “hours” of you people replying to me. You seem to love getting dunked on and taking L after L. Such a glutton for punishment. I can’t put my finger on what it is about getting dunked on you enjoy so much.

Basketball Dunk

And here you are once again doing your part to keep this thread going, you self-described lunatic. The complete lack of self-awareness is almost as bad as your lack of knowledge when it comes to understanding basic game mechanics.

I want to point out that this fit (while ■■■■) is cap stable. Having Repair Systems at I compared to at V is going to hurt this fit more than help it because you are effectively repping less armor.

[Hyperion, *Simulated Hyperion Fitting]
Damage Control II
Large Armor Repairer II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Explosive Energized Membrane II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

100MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Large Cap Battery II
Large Cap Battery II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II

Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Thats simple logic. A good fit focuses on Damage and Application and only fits enough tank and cap to give you time for reducing the incoming pressure.

A good fit for L4 Missions, Combat Anomalies, Belt Ratting or DED Complexes has around 5-8 minutes cap buffer. During that time you reduce the incoming DPS to a degree that you only need to pulse your repper/shield booster once in a while. Everything else on the fit is focused on sheer DPS and Application - which is what speeds up your mission and bring you the money. Of course you can intentionally build “chill” semi-afk fits that simply tank forever and need 20 minute for a mission or a complex… well, these are only “good” under the viewpoint of not-wanting-to-pay-attention.

The only time where you need a lot of cap (and then “capstable” is looooong not enough) is PvE Content where heavy neut pressure is on the field. Aka Abyssals or WH-Anos/Relics/Datas (when engaging them solo…). And then you will not want “cap stability” but a huge cap-excess-recharge to counter the enemy neutralizing.

Ah yes. Now everything begins to make sense. :rofl:

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I want to point out that you cannot even use this fit with Repair Systems at I, because you couldn’t fit the Large Armor Repairer II, that one needs at least Repair Systems IV.

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That’s your logic.

I’ve been running level 4 Epic Arcs, exploration sites, etc. for a long time.

I know how to PvE in Eve and in my experience you better have a damn good tank or you’ll find yourself podding back to station within minutes, especially if you destroy a spawn trigger at the wrong time in the Epic Arcs.

The best thing about Eve is there’s more than one way to fit ships. Not to mention skill levels, implants, boosters, modules, piloting tactics, etc, all play a major part in it.

So yeah, there’s no set specific way to do it, you do it your way, others do it their way and I do it my way.

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thats not how it works, to counter some worst case abyss spawn you would need 500Gj/s or more. most abyss fits cant get anywhere close tho that, especially if they need to run their reps. not even talking about that the ship doesnt have peak cap regen most of the time. you counter neuts by removing them fast enough and to get enough time for that you want a mix of enough mitigation, cap buffer, neut resistance and regen. cap recharge as a stat without any context is kinda meaningless like cap stable…

yeah, thats true for easy content like mission where you can just warp off if things go south, dont need any implants nor drugs, can refit, dont have dps checks due to timer limit and can use as many ships as you want. lets be honest, most L4 missions can be done with half the module slots empty, thatswhy there are so many ways to solve the puzzle, because it doesnt matter.

the harder the content, the more narrow the meta. difficulty is like a catalyst.

i really recommend giving abyss a try, even if you dont like instanced content (if you do it near jita there is a big chance to meet some “new friends” in the sandbox anyways). if you push the limits and try to beat T5/6 as cheap as possible you will notice every missing or poorly spent stat from your fitting budget and every major piloting mistake/bad decision.

That doesn’t defeat my argument. If you run that content in a “capstable” setup just “to be safe” you will be considerably slower (and thus making a lot less money and wasting a lot of time) than in a damage/application-focused fit that requires knowledge, skill and attention to operate. I would not recommend that to anyone but complete noobs that need this kind of safety to learn their first steps with the ship/content.
If they want to make progress, they should step by step change to more challenging, more efficient and more fun2fly fits - which have simply no need for ‘capstability’, because you can easily compensate that with personal skill and knowledge. And thus, they are the ‘better’ fits, because they offer so much more. ISK, saved time, thrill, challenge. Capstability is boring and completely overrated and people complaing about a fit “not being capstable” usually are not very good at running whatever content the ship shall run.

lol, you make it sound like Level 4 Epic Arcs are a walk in the park when in reality they’re not.

They are. They are easypeasy peaceofcake PvE compared to WH combat sites or HighTier Abyssals for example. I have run them in Ishtars, Gilas… I really bet I can do all of them in a goddamn Navy Omen, would just be a waste of time.

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What a load of malarky, my cap stable Loki fit completes all level 4 Epic Arcs in record time solo while employing specialized piloting tactics due to my knowledge, skill and attention. Definitely can’t complete those arcs just by jumping in and tanking the NPC’s.

Again that’s just your opinion and quite frankly, you’re wrong.

I’m gonna call BS on what you just posted, especially since a lot of players dual box the arcs so they can complete them quicker with less risk compared to running them solo.

And for the last time, stop talking to me about the Trig Abyssal content, I don’t care if you do that up to the day the servers go offline. Just because you run that instanced crap in your cap hungry ship fit with green, blue and purple mods piloted by an implanted boosted clone doesn’t make you better than other players here.

If you would do them in record time, you wouldn’t need to use a ‘capstable’ fit at all. You only need that because you take way too long to kill all the NPCs and thus need to run your tank for longer. Bring a proper DPS ship with just 5 minute cap buffer and you’l might see what a ‘record time’ looks like. ProTip: T3Cruisers are a complete suboptimal choice for running these Epic Arcs. A well-fitted FactionBS or Marauder is way faster. And doesn’t need to be capstable, just sayin’. And yes, I have done them in a 1200 DPS Tengu that dishes out a LOT more damage than any Loki can, over a lot better range. Still not even close to what a Vargur or Paladin or Nightmare can do.

“A lot of players” are no argument at all. A lot of players use really bad fits because they are unwilling or incapable of mastering the content they are doing. I can understand if they want to dualbox for running them faster (since that is just more ISK/time), but for safety reasons that is completely unnessessary.

I say whatever I want and I do care not the slightest if you want to hear it. That kind of content (Abyssal and WH combat/explo sites) is where you want excessive cap regeneration because you have to fight overwhelming neut pressure while tanking a lot of DPS at the same time. No L4 or EpicArc site comes even close to that and you can run them all by constantly reducing incoming DPS with your own DPS or kill the few neutralizers first, which is way more efficient than fitting for capstability and just tank forever.

Me, seeing this thread continuing…


Not really man. I mean yes, If you go in with full information. But if you go in cold, and actually play eve for fun, you may want to over tank by some amount.

Not all of us play to min max and part of the fun is to create fits for things without prefect information