Why is the support so slow?

So? CCP is obviously working on it. They do not like losing money anymore than you do. Bitching about it wont speed up the process.

I hate to see how you treat cashiers at a retail store. Do you have the “I want a manger” haircut to match the attitude?

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I am not bitching but saying my opinion LAUD AND CLEAR. CCP support just SUCKS! And its getting worse and worse… wait until it happens to you, since you are on their defense you will be bitching then. Me nah … I was always saying the truth ITS BAD.

yeah in the four + years I have been playing I have filed 40+ tickets over various issues. Some taking up to a week to solve. I didnt bitch then. It doesnt help anything. CCP support is not bad. Check comcast, project triforce, ATT, Charter, EA support.

Also your opinion is worth the same as mine or anyone else’s here, diddly.

Maybe CCP Support uses the same, expired font and now cannot launch their own software.


I had the exact same issue about the launcher with World of Tanks for example… they where on it in less then one hour … I was prompt every hour if I got it working. And it wasn’t after the update.

Dude, it happens to me on occasion. I play this both on pc’s and laptops, both Windows and Linux. So yes, on occasion I run into issues and try to solve them as good as I can, and I make a ticket. All of my tickets ‘until now’ have been replied to extremely fast. But then again, i’m a patient person and know that if i can’t login, I am training skills. So I don’t worry. I plan most stuff on 7 days so if anything happens that takes more than 7 days, well then, so be it. HTFU. Service will never be instant. It takes time, and I think it’s related to the graphics card you have.

Have your tried turning it off and on again?

Well … EVE support is slower then any game I played. I do have relaxed attitude toward unimportant tickets as reimbursements and such… but I can play only on one computer, and I expect immediate help if I cant … I don’t think I am too demanding there. Especially this issue … We and I say WE as a lot of us … spent so manny hours to fix this on our own … CCP could at least investigate harder.

EVE Online is also slower than any game you played. This is SLOW Online. It’s ok, don’t worry. The only sad thing is you probably reserved some time to play and CCP is kinda not ‘delivering’. I get the feeling, but at least there are fun forums, right? :slight_smile:

The great thing about this issue is it is keeping you from playing.

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@ Heera-o Helugo There is another good thing … its giving you a good opportunity to TROLL … What happened? … HELP chat in EVE got boring for you?

not Trolling, just making my opinion LOUD AND CLEAR. Fix your attitude and you will be happier.

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I think your attitude sucks, or you wouldn’t be replaying to me. That is why you keep trolling me.

Many of you will eat anything CCP serves you and that really really sucks IMAO. So much poltroonery and sucking up to CCP I saw over my years of play.

Yet, you decided staying was the best solution? Well, everyone here thinks so too, that makes us EVE brothers.


I respect people who have balls to stand up to BIG BROTHER. I was always like that and i will always be… all my bros in game are like that.

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You’ve used the word now twice. It’s spelled “reply” and “replying”.

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Any opinion that contradicts yours is trolling? Pft. The rest of your post is just garbage. I disagree with CCP on quite a few things, most recently this delivery update they are doing. your upset because I will not agree with your whining.

@CCP_Falcon can we close this now?

@ Whitehound English is not my native language and good trolls know that making fun of someones mistypes is idiotic… which makes you very bad troll

I’m correcting your English. I’m not asking you to be grateful.

Also, when you want to address someone directly, then don’t put a space between the @-sign and the name. I.e. @Cika_Brka - this then sends a notification out to the person.

@ Whitehound Well you really think you should do it on this post … or you are just having a task to make this post about me being mad and not CPP support slow