Why is the support so slow?

Since the launcher update, many of us are having issues with launcher unable to load. I have submitted my support ticket about 9 hours ago and received no replay yet. There are several forum posts about the issue and CCP is silent.

The issue is obviously critical for people who are unable to play cause of it.


Because CCP invests more money in skins than in EVE support and development of actually useful and enjoyable game mechanics.


Maybe cause of GM week … all GMs are a bit tired :–) … but nah … its always like this


Two tickets since last Friday … No answer
A GM answer me, did you submit bug report ?

Duh ?

What do you think … And as all of you, no answer, CCP got nuked !


It’s the Legacy Code of your ISP in your PC.

See that? I combined all of the excuses the devs and “support” will give you to save you the time and wasted effort of a ticket. How’s that for efficiency?


Because the support queues are filled up with miners raging about loosing a ship or getting bumped.


Becouse there are skins


if you’re still stuck not being able to invoke the launcher nd seeing the system error on windows 7 service pack 1, you need to download and install the microsoft visual c++ 2015 redistributable from MICROSOFT, NOT GITHUB OR ANY OTHER SITE!

(verified this fix works, I’ve done it on THREE machines today with precisely the same result on all three: I’m back in EVE).

Working solution with old launcher from this night. It wasnt working earlier. Read link till the end.


GMs are busy teleporting bees


Tried that and it didn’t worked for me on Windows 8.1 pro … tried then to run the program in compatibility mode but nah …

Also I have good news People I got support only 30 hours after I submitted the ticket about Launcher not working after the update. And boy support I got is awesome.

  • Do you have this windows update?
    … Yes

  • Can I have a look at Exception code?
    … Here you are.

  • It must be driver that needs the update.
    … But I sad I checked that when I submitted the ticket

  • Silence

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When posting ticket after ticket after ticket, it doesn’t help when the same person reports 5 tickets for the same issue. You think getting in touch with CCP is horrible for 9 hrs, try to contact your claims rep for your car, “we will call you back by the end of the next business day”

I submitted only one ticket and got response after 30 hours… and I never sad its bad so stop trolling

you said 9 hrs in your initial post, thats what i was referring to.
The fact still remains, even if you only posted 1 ticket, A lot of others post multiple tickets for the same issue, and it creates a backlog.

@ Geo Eclipse Oksaras Yes but I got support 30 HOURS after I submitted the ticket of launcher not working and ISSUE IS NOT YET RESOLVED … (Issue was first reported by people about 16 hours before I submitted the ticket)

Its simple to handle backlog and large number of shitty tickets… GIVE TICKETS ABOUT THE LAUNCHER NOT WORKING ABSOLUTE PRIORITY …

Especially if its not working after your emergency update!!!

Every month or so someone comes to the forums to complain about how long it takes to respond to a ticket. Its as bad as AFK cloaking. Alot of complaing, rehash of the same old “solutions.” and a bunch of OMG THIS IS SUPER CERIAL CCP averages 24-48 hours on 90% of all tickets. But naturally everyone expects their issue is the most important in the world. Its not. your not. Get over yourself.

Then wait.

Either CCP can find the issue (with what you said it’s probably an issue with the ATI card) or they have to wait for a fix from ATI. Or whatever graphics card you use.

Try it on another PC/laptop? If it’s that critical, why do you let some random company decide to fix it? They are probably now testing if you can play Valkyrie just fine or not.

Can you tell what kind of PC and graphics card you have?

@ Heera-o Helugo If this issue was resolved by now I would be AFK cloaking you in Deklin, Fade or Pure Blind … but nah … now I just cant…


@Cika_Brka please reply, i’m not going to wait 30 hours for a reply on your post.

29343 players can play, so it’s not that dramatic…