Why it's not in the game?

Why in the game there’s no BOSS type of NPC which is in some systems and u need several members to kill? I know in some PVE sites a titan can spawn but I’m talking more about something like stellaris, where’s there’s that weird amebas or “drake”, I’m just curious as why this hasn’t been emplemented as I’m sure someone else thought of this before, is it because EVE lore there’s no “space life” or?

you need to fleet up with allys to kill amebas in stellaris ? sounds weird…
comparing eve and stellaris → also weird…

eve is an MMO and stellaris is a single player game so two different types of games you cant compare.

and there are “boss” NPC´s called NPC Dread / Titan Spawn or Officer Spawn and they are hard to kill solo but if you know how to and got the right ship then you dont need much ppl to kill or even can kill it solo
or Dimond rats in HS

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And bosses are like acore future of an MMO, I’m not comparing them just wondering why a boss mechanic as for example what stellaris has is not in here, the first point I don’t even get it XD

EvE is a PvP MMO so there are no “real bossfights” and still there are such NPC´s you could call as a “Boss” like i said a few min before. if you want to fight against “Bosses” then fly around and attack them.

sounds like you compare stellaris with eve online and this does not make sense

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Sansha Incursions and their motherships are close to what you’re looking for.

(e.g. Guristas) Forward Operating Base is similar too.

Will need to explore the sansha incursions

The “boss fight” happens in EvE when another player contests your PvE.


heres a public incursion training fleet eight hours from now

Yah FOBs are pretty much what OP is looking for.

Actually, CCP added this really cool feature called homefront sites. That do this exact thing OP wants to do. Where you can actually team up with all your friends and go tackle a unique site requiring collaboration from mining, hauling, and DPS just like in many MMOs! :exploding_head:


Boss fight happens when you roam lowsec with your buddies and you get hotdropped by a capital fleet. :eyes: :smirk: :blush:

Maybe the real boss fights were the friends we made along the way.

Or maybe its drifters the goddamn pests.

Incursions have a boss, it is a super carrier, they spawn in null sec, low sec, high sec, if you kill this boss than all Sansha despawns from the region and will respawn somewhere else. The boss is a super carrier, if you ever saw a carrier on highsec.

Drifters have a couple “bosses too”, if you kill a few cruisers they will send a couple famous NPCs on you and they will find you in system and kill you, they also have memory, if you logoff and disapear they will look for you when you come back… I am not sure for how long they will remember you, I heard days

There are also FOBs, the pirate strongholds

In missions there is Dagan, the famous Dagan, how many local chats and help chats did we see people asking for help in killing Dagan?

The Abyss there is a “boss room” that has multiple Leshaks and they will kill you in a minute, the gate is open and your only mission in there is escaping

Many sites in null sec and whs may have a “boss” too, an extra battleship and others, where you can find Officer loot

In low sec if you patrol the bets you will find Mordu Legion Commanders and you can make some fat ISK if they get killed

In Pochven there is the Rogue Drones carrier, there’s Drifters, Sleepers, Triglavians, all of them have something big to kill and loot

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You could call Arithmos Tyrannos (c5/6 combat sites) and Hikanta Tyrannos (Drifter Hive sites) “bosses” I suppose.
Arithmos can be solo’d (dread or marauder). Hikanta cannot.

What tier?

I didn’t get to that part, is it “hard” to kill him because he has a “big” tank or because he does “a lot” of dps

(I put those in quotes because i don’t know if he is actually hard to kill, or if he is just hard for new players to kill)

because Dagan himself is extremely well-tanked for an enemy of this mission level … 100 EHP/s

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You need to do a fair amount of dps to break through his active tank. He also does decent damage.

Most newbros have some trouble with him.

Last time I did Blood Stained Stars, I used a Confessor and blew through him, but I’m no longer a newbro.

I don’t run Abyss, so I don’t know, but I saw EVE TC on twich run that a couple times, its quite rare

Huh, ok, probably some high tier site(t5 or t6, maybe t4) I have only done one t0 in a dessie (it was my first abyss run ever) and I don’’t know much about it

Something about my first abyss run: I had asked in rookie help and some random guy offered to fly with me, so I said sure figuring “what is the worst that could happen? My fit is only like 2 - 3 mil”, then when we got in, I got disconnected on the second room, and then got reconnected, the other guy had finished but left the loot, so on my way out I grabbed it, and never heard from the person again.

Tyrannos also spawns in hisec… lost loki once to doomsday :smiley:

Just kill some lancers in the systems and wait to see what happens (hint: it is likely not good for you)

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