Why limit Eve Store Packages?

Seriously. Can anyone give me a bona fide reason why CCP limits packages, like Gold, to 1 per account?

It is to help maintain an illusion that the packages are not pay-to-win. If you could just keep buying up skill points for cash, some people would argue that there was some sort of “line” that was crossed.

It is mostly just for theatrics.


Don’t encourage them.

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Pay to win is defined as paying money to get some form of power which is not available to players that don’t spend money. There is nothing you can buy in EVE which fulfills that definition.

Buying skills is just a catch up mechanism. It doesn’t have negative effects because the only thing it does is simulate more veteran players in the game.

For some reason when it comes to games, players think that monetization is automatically bad, yet will go spend £200 in a few hours on a night out without blinking an eye.

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Have you asked at CCP or Pearl Abyss? Send them an email, they might tell you why… never know if you don’t try.


Very good feedback. I do think that buying isk or skills is PTW but I’m ok with that. It seems to me that it’s an artificial decreasing of Supply to increase demand. Even with the shortages of ammunition in the United States I can always go back tomorrow and buy three more boxes.

It also works psychologically to incite people to buy. If they are limited to only one purchase per account then they must be a really good deal, right?


Didn’t know New Eden had a system named United and another one named States. What regions of space and constellation are they at?

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Think about it.

If you want to buy more than one, you need to create a new account. Which means inflated numbers for accounts. Which means CCP can brag to PA about how many players are creating new accounts and maybe get more real life isk.

Its all about perception and player numbers.


That would make sense if you could transfer the SP’s to your main…

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Sure you can. Costs only 20 bucks

Sp and isk are all farmed in game by the community. When you by isk with plex everyone wins.

When you buy PLEX, Hilmar wins.

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That’s a terrible idea and not just because of the cost. Every time you transfer a toon they put a black mark on its employment history.

No, it’s not that terrible. especially if you transfer a charactrer with >80M SP. For only 20 bucks you can resolve 1M SP via invite link and then all packages again. Even that CCP no longer offers, but the partners do. (5$ Pack)

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Something does not have value unless it is in limited supply.


Economics 101. It’s a little more complicated than that.

Scarcity, Supply, Demand, and Cost/Benefit. The Cost/Benefit doesn’t change much here, and the scarcity is non-existent (everyone can get it if they want it). Demand is 1 to 1 and non-competitive, so that leaves the supply as the key buying determinant if it passes the Cost/Benefit smell test. The supply will be removed at some point and replaced with another, therefore creating artificial value where an infinite supply would not. I should know better than to engage in debates on these forums but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

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