Why mining inEVE-Online Sucks and is boring - And what i would change

I don’t ly, I admit that they are great in PvP, but I would love to see ships which Funktion as PvP ships, but are still able to miner fitted like that.

They can still mine. Just fit one gun, one neut + pvp drones. Done.

You have made 6 posts, now 7, in total on this forum. ALL of them are about “gimme more”. And in this particular one what you advocate for is mining ships being able to fill all kinds of specific roles that one would want when going “deep”. The obvious answer is that those ships already exist but you’re not willing to bring those because it would mean you’d mine less which is of course (esp given your posting history) not what you want.

I’ll tell you what: what if you can have those ships but their total yield drops by 50%. Would that still be “fun”? I mean you’re looking to add capability which you say would make things more “fun”. I’m sure you’re willing to give up yield for that because, as you say, you want “fun”.

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I would say yes. If I would have PvP compatible ships with half the mining yield of today. I would give you a handshake and would be more than happy.

I mean adding up to the yield today yust has the effect that to much ore ist minered which noone with kear mind wants, because that means the price on the market will drop and noone has something out of it.

The problem today is. The barges today are not designed to roam or to gate in deep space. So you can only undock them at your Homestation.

Maybe you want to read what I’ve written.

I want more ganks, more PvP and more of everything, but on the other hand ships which can do more than dock if opponents are near.

Exactly. So all you care about is yield. Thanks for confirming.

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I don’t think I agree. When I came back to Eve Online in 2020 the very first thing I did was undock a Covetor in The Great Wildlands and mine Mercoxit in belts in another system, gating the whole way there and back.

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If you look closely I did not put any whises on the list to change anything about the venture. I told, seeing the venture in fun ops means to me, that it would be great to have different ships to do PvP in mining ships.

EVE is PVP and if you go solo for PVP you have options to protect yourself.

Eve has about 250 ships (sorry didn’t count them to be precise)

On the other hand you have 15 ORE ships, some of them sitting in belts, and kind of waiting for PVP Aktion. To add 4 of them to the list of good PvP ships, and changing the others in a way to fit better together. Does not sound bad to me.

As I already said, the Orca is an insane PVP ship. Same goes for the Porpoise. You just have to learn how to fit them.

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What game have YOU been playing. Mining has been an integral part of Eve since day 1.

Mining ships generally make terrible combat ships against fellow capsuleers. That’s the trade off for specialization - efficiency vs protection. That’s by design.

A solo player should be able to mine on their own should they accept the risks. Experienced fleets already know how to do division of labor.

The changes you propose do not help EvE, with the possible exception of a T2Porpise, but that more of a want than a true niche to fill.

—Gadget summarizes


Did I mantion any changes to make the orca or the porpoise to better PvP ships? I gues not, so just a sign that you want to make everything about my post bad without reading it.

Thank you anyway for reply.

You ask for PVP mining ships. They already exist. Your post is therefore redundant.

Thanks for reading my post. And all I want is to make people think about the current state of minings ships. My thoughts of the things can’t be the final answer. I am maybe one of 30000 other players.

All I want is that people say what is good, what’s bad and to mention why.

I indeed did go crazy and mentioned everything that does not fit perfect into the game and would love that every ship feels different. Like every other ship in eve does.

I know that not all of my ideas are good for the game. Because of that I posted them here to discuss. Nothing more nothing less.

And yes maybe, to make CCP see these ideas and maybe think about one or two of them. Otherwise they are Sayed and if they are bad all is fine. I’m human like all of you, and yes I can be wrong too.

mining and other carebear activites MUST be boring, it is part of the game core. By promoting ultra boring activities the miners can relax, which allows “conflict”.

There is no reason why you can’t put mining lasers in the utility slots of battleships and chango-presto you have a combat mining ship.

Way back in the day, if one did not want to learn to fly mining barges, people put mining lasers on battleships and battle cruisers and mined away.

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Just one reason - They take turret slots, not just high slots.

Ravens are terrible mining BS’es, though I guess you could just load up some mining drones.

–Gadget thought about this once…

Edit… actually Ravens have 4 turret slots. Well, damn. Intersting

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Some mining battleships are more battle than mine, some are more mine that battle. It is up to you how you want to shake it.

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The O.P is very long, I’m still trying to read it and I don’t promise I will finish it. It reads like more complaints and requests.
I don’t see what is wrong with mining. I don’t find it boring and I don’t think it sucks. It’s exciting to go out there knowing that someone is always trying to destroy me. That is what make mining fun.
Maybe it’s not for you. There are other things to do in space.


I managed to reincarnate 27 times before getting to the end of that post.


Or Pilots can just take away your toys while they are docked in station.

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