Why newbies don't stay

Then the numbers say we’re a dying breed. Slightly unsettling :frowning:


I dont agree. The agency is just à tool. Running combat sites with à bit of competition adds to exploring


Its true but the niche is there to be exploited.

Its the devs who think like the best EvE players who will find a way to do it.

Fear not the future of EvE.

Fear its offspring.

Exactly, trying to chase people who are going to quit the first time they PvP is a fools errand, they are just going to quit anyway. CCP just needs to cater to PvPers and ignore the voices of care bears who want to change the game into something it is not.

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Good point

And i dont know one pvper that never ram missions

When I started playing, 30k online meant 30k players. These days I see 20k, and am sure it’s not more than 5k people behind that number.
EVE has a way to wear you out, and not everyone who takes a break comes back, so over time, friction leads to losses that aren’t being replenished - and not because EVE is a bad game. EVE is an awesome game. It’s because “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”, and EVE sucks in that department.

Now, the trick is to find out how to fix that.

@Plasmaleak I don’t buy that there’s only 200 out of 10.000 staying because there’s PVP. PVP is still popular in the gaming world, maybe more so than when EVE started in 2003? 2002? - people just have to LIKE the game, so CCP has to find out how to make more people like it.

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It’s not the PvE content, it is the people it draws who then demand safety from PvP.

LSG alt.

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What’s LSG?

And I’m a main, look me up.

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We’d have a clearer picture if we had any new players to ask lol.

What are kids into these days?



Whats going on?

Git off my lawn… Ffs

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SImple reason - EVE Online is not a casual MMORPG.

You cant play it casually ( only exception maybe station trading ) or you get killed by either mobs or other players if you go AFK or have a disconnect. Plus monthly cost - 15 $/€, the stupidity for more than one account for easy stuff like mining/salvaging/building. 180 Euros a year - thats 3 +++AAA games like Witcher 3 for just sandbox grind ( Ratting/trading/mining all same grind for virtual currency ) and no call center customer support in 2019 ??


Not saying I want CCP to turn EVE into “tide pods in space” :wink:

But there must be a way to draw in players, so they decide to commit to the game.

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Only anti-social people who insist on playing a multi player game alone need alts.

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Were all into smartphones or tablets

Multiboxing is a whole new topic an has zero to do with new player retention. Let’s not dive into that rabbit hole.

Still waiting for an answer from you, too.


Games where “Everyone is a Winner”.

No one ever taught them to lose with grace which is the key skill for EVE. Some of them don’t even think losing should be allowed because it is not “fun”.

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Well what are other game systems doing? ESO looks pretty similar in money, free vs paid and funky hats.

Conan Exiles did well trading on human gore and penii, but we dont have so much of that.

Basically, we need Kerbal players who like World of Warships but also Payday and are actually edgy in a humourous smart way?

Lol we’re ■■■■■■.

? Expand tablets and phone options.

ESO starts you with a tutorial story and drops you off with a plan, so that’s not too bad.

It also doesn’t have walls of text, it’s completely voice acted, has real characters. I frankly don’t remember the name of even one NPC in the EVErse. Pretty sure that could be improved a lot.