Why no players decide black out or not

My idea is why not developers implement some kind of content which whatever side win get black out for week/mont then content spawn in other region and players need to made it again. This will bring war to a server and wash hands of developers … if you wish black out … fight for it … if you want local do so every mont or what ever. Instead of players fight on forums …

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Cool. But you have to delete supers and titans first or else you have local all the time in certain regions and no local at all in many other regions.

“Fight for what you believe” from the EVE trailers only works if you can actually fight.

Protecting your observational arrays that give local intel, if CCP ever gets around to develop this will give you what you want.

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Oh, so the side that is more powerful has a game mechanism that supports their play style.

Wouldn’t that help the strong become even stronger?

We can’t reach 10,000 posts in the 2nd blackout thread, if folks keep making new threads.


local should go offline anytime a capital is in system to promote the use of smaller ships

As in real life…

So, not gonna get into real life; but in Eve SHOULD players at the top have an advantage that helps keep them in power? Is that what’s best for the game?

So blackout was a temporary event… I know, the confusion… that players must have felt when they logged on to realize they no longer knew how to play because quite literally everything had changed in how they do a single thing in null and nobody had any choice in participating or warning about it to prepare them.

I think it would have been welcomed just for the experimental aspect of it if players knew this was happening for a set amount of time and would end. The potential to see if it would be something good or bad for the game in the long term was shattered by the fact that in a sense every doctrine on how to play eve in null space had to be rewritten.

So many people were confused because some thought it was an event and others thought it was a change to the game that would likely become permanent…so everybody started arguing about the positive and negative merits of it but the truth that nobody could deny was that at that moment they didn’t exactly have a back up plan on how they were going to play if something of this magnitude changed in the game in the one area where all of sov pvp takes place, null space in it’s entirety. Literally everything stopped because nobody had previously given a thought how to playing without local in null. Some were eager to try for sure but mostly nobody undocked because they needed to rewrite the laws of the universe for pvp in null before they knew what to do with no local. Before they could literally even play this game in null.

Blackout was never a decision, likely just what CCP thought was a great idea but introduced in the most impractical way possible, some rumored it only happened because of the chat system being broken and CCP not knowing how to fix it and needing something to distract us all.

Thing I hate is they probably thought at CCP this was something they wanted to try out in the game as possibly being a major change to having no locals in null in the future but because of the content brick walling effect it had in it’s surprise addition to the game nobody was given a chance to prepare to even give such a change a try.

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