Why noobs receive "Abyssal" daily campaign objective?

It’s really frustrating. I play daily to get my precious SPs. But why do I have sometimes Abyss mission ?

It’s simply impossible, or I need to call mates to do it for me while circling in a tank fitted ship the whole mission.

How is “Daily Campaign mission” determined ? (the skills I injected ? the biggest ship I own ? the mission I did already)

An agent is giving you Abyssal missions? :thinking:

No, just the daily campaign mission. Usually it’s kill x NPC ships.

I mean this.

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Yea, I don’t do those. I just wait for the regular skillspree’s.


By the way I tried this one alone >>> Just wasted dozens of millions for nothing, not even being able to destroy the first frigate :(.

I tried another filament called something like “FFA smth …” >>> unable to activate.

I’m pretty sure it’s clear for the experimented players. But it’s not clear for me. Even other players said me that the description of this “daily campaign” is completely misleading people.

I think that is the PVP filament they are asking for, not the PVE one you tried to use.

I think the reason why “noobs” receive these, is simply CCP doesn’t ask if you are a newbro, or simply someone’s alt… someone could easily roll an alt that is capable of doing these, so anyone who can log in to the game, receives these objectives.

Ok so the 2v2 interceptors proving filament as someone said me in-game. Do I need to win to get the reward ?

I don’t believe so. I think you just have to enter. They also change the proving filaments quite often so one day it might be interceptors another day it might be something else.

I haven’t done them in a while as I prefer open world PvP. I only get the sp from dailies if it’s something I’m already doing and don’t bother to do them otherwise.


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