Why PAPI Cannot Siege The Goon Capital Discussion With Friend That Doesn't Play EVE

♪D.J Cmb1nE♫ — Today at 7:36 AM
So how eve going

Vmedvil — Today at 7:36 AM
the alliance is moving
[7:37 AM]
we stopped our campaign to defeat goonswarm
[7:37 AM]
it was too costly
[7:37 AM]
so we are retreating back to home
[7:38 AM]
I am just sitting in jita because there wasn’t much I had to move
[7:40 AM]
another reason is because the servers cannot handle 4000 people versus 4000 people battles
[7:40 AM]
it causes them to lag to like where 1 second is like 15 minutes

♪D.J Cmb1nE♫ — Today at 7:41 AM
Damn thats a lot of lag

Vmedvil — Today at 7:42 AM
ya no one wants to sit there for 15 hours for 10 minutes of gameplay
[7:42 AM]
so we are ■■■■■■■ leaving
[7:42 AM]
it’s so not worth it
[7:44 AM]
the game just cannot handle that big of a battle
♪D.J Cmb1nE♫ — Today at 7:47 AM
So what was the battle about

Vmedvil — Today at 7:47 AM
trying to siege the goon capital

CCP calls this engaging and emergent gameplay and Brisk he improvements.

The failure was declaring that the goal was to evict goons from null, thereby making it so as long as they held their home constellation or system, goons couldn’t lose.

Or maybe it was whoever failed to think it though to conclusion and understand that doing that relied on CCP reinforcing the server so that goons can’t take advantage of system capping mechanics to prevent an assault on 1DQ.

This war was doomed from the start.

Leadership knew it, they led us on.

Progodlegend and other ‘leadership’ responsible for such a messy evac from Delve are total douchebags given how much warning they had.

Me and my friends will be continuing the fight on goons with a non ■■■■ alliance.

Papi lost when they decided to publicly and repeatedly state their goal was to exterminate goons making anything less a failure.

Had they made anything more reasonable a goal the moral and public opinion would be in their favor.

It’s just pretty to blame your loss on ccp failing to have the engine and the servers to comfortably handle fights of 8k people.

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