Why so many scammers on Char Bazaar nowadays?

Why? It is 100% obvious that they fully endorse and condone character scamming. No action is a complete endorsement.

do you have proof of this?

You only need to look at the responses here or chat with anyone who buys characters on a regular basis.

Whilst the balance of support appears in favour of the scammer, the scams will not stop. When I say balance of favour, it means that a scammer rarely seems to end up with a financial loss whilst the purchaser does.

I can’t speak for all those being scammed, but I think it would be a safe bet to say that the majority have been at the end of a loss whilst the scammer appears to get away scott-free.

Al you lose is time waiting for support to refund your isk. It’s not like you lose the isk.

scammer’s get banned and scammee’s get their ISK back.

Even though the victims of these scams get their isk returned, it’s still a major inconvenience and the fact that the isk is often RMTd away is damaging to the game’s health.

Given the rules around direct character sales, CCP is in a unique position to completely eliminate these scams by introducing some sort of automated escrow system to guaruntee the transfer. Considering character sales are still a revenue source for CCP I’m quite surprised they haven’t already.

@IChooseYou @Brock_Khans you guys are fairly big names in the community, please try to push CCP/CSM to address this problem, you guys can probably get some real results.


@Brisc_Rubal. Can you bring this up in February with the devs?

mb they have % from scammers? buy character get some isk back from scammer, than create ticket and get refund…


Looks like I’ve been scammed again :

This is getting out of hand

I think I was also deceived, the password appeared on the character, where do you tell me to contact?

You have to file a ticket on CCP support, type Billing & Account, category Character Transfers.

thanks, I will try

People be careful, after such purchases, all the characters were still banned before finding out, probably the crook sold the lawsuits and the chain stretched towards me.
M IX today at 19:04
Hi, GM Ix is here,

I’m very regret about it! Your account was blocked for actions that seemed suspicious when you sent ISK to a compromised account.

Now I canceled the transfer of 38 billion ISK, and the money returned to the wallet Azimut A Wector. As for the seller in this case, I will take appropriate measures in accordance with the license agreement and our Terms of Service. I also added 7 omega-days to your account to compensate for inconveniences and lost time during the ban.

I am trying to sell my toon Nathan Pyro, how can I convice / ensure byers that it is not a scam? And is my asking price of 20 b to low :confused:

surprisingly, most 2003 toons go a lot higher sometimes. depending on name and such. I’ve seen your last bidder around the bazaar a lot. If you respond quickly after transfer of isk, with transfer of char, then there won’t be a problem.

Can someone explain to me why CCP are colluding with char scamming? 3 days and I still haven’t had the transfer and I put a ticket in and dev basically said the other guy contacted them to say he had problems with isk and they are helping him!!! So now I am being scammed by both the player and the devs.
I have asked twice for CCP to cancel the transaction and they just keep saying sorry and to have patience.

WTS 10.5M SP Exhumer Pilot

*update - devs sorted the problem and transfer complete

I wouldn’t say colluding. If there is a legit reason why payment isn’t working correctly, they will try to work it out with the seller. They can work out if it’s a scam or not and send the isk back to you.

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