Why so many scammers on Char Bazaar nowadays?


Looks like I’ve been scammed again :

This is getting out of hand

I think I was also deceived, the password appeared on the character, where do you tell me to contact?

You have to file a ticket on CCP support, type Billing & Account, category Character Transfers.

thanks, I will try

People be careful, after such purchases, all the characters were still banned before finding out, probably the crook sold the lawsuits and the chain stretched towards me.
M IX today at 19:04
Hi, GM Ix is here,

I’m very regret about it! Your account was blocked for actions that seemed suspicious when you sent ISK to a compromised account.

Now I canceled the transfer of 38 billion ISK, and the money returned to the wallet Azimut A Wector. As for the seller in this case, I will take appropriate measures in accordance with the license agreement and our Terms of Service. I also added 7 omega-days to your account to compensate for inconveniences and lost time during the ban.

I am trying to sell my toon Nathan Pyro, how can I convice / ensure byers that it is not a scam? And is my asking price of 20 b to low :confused:

surprisingly, most 2003 toons go a lot higher sometimes. depending on name and such. I’ve seen your last bidder around the bazaar a lot. If you respond quickly after transfer of isk, with transfer of char, then there won’t be a problem.

Can someone explain to me why CCP are colluding with char scamming? 3 days and I still haven’t had the transfer and I put a ticket in and dev basically said the other guy contacted them to say he had problems with isk and they are helping him!!! So now I am being scammed by both the player and the devs.
I have asked twice for CCP to cancel the transaction and they just keep saying sorry and to have patience.

WTS 10.5M SP Exhumer Pilot

*update - devs sorted the problem and transfer complete

I wouldn’t say colluding. If there is a legit reason why payment isn’t working correctly, they will try to work it out with the seller. They can work out if it’s a scam or not and send the isk back to you.

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