Why the game don't work no more?

I play this game some time, first day is ok but everyday after is always froze, always UI lag not working, I undock it’s froze, I click it lag, system jump it froze… how can I play this?
This game brake, not working. Every game I have work, this one not work.
Sorry must uninstall, take too much space on hard drive for broke game.

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Sounds like you need better hardware. This game is always evolving, so our computers must be updated to keep up the pace.
With my old gear it took ages to dock into player owned Citas after a graphics update.


the game is not broken since it works perfectly fine for us
your computer seems broken
can i have your stuff?

Probably can’t as according to OP too much lag to do anything and maybe already uninstalled as well. :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down_face:

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Not at all. My pc is new.

I was going uninstall but I reboot my pc and it ok now.
It was Windows update that cause problem. I forgot to set it “Let me choose when update are installed”

Thank you Uriel and Pierre for trying to help.

@ISD_Drew Thread useless now. Please close. Thank you very much.

Try reducing your graphics to Performance or get the upgraded gerbil pack available in the Play Store.

@DrysonBennington Everything fine for now, game working ok. Pronlem was downloading from Windows Updates. No need gerbil, computer is new.

The game is working perfectly fine. It’s obviously something wrong with your PC or the configuration of it. Why not check your own system before blaming everyone else?

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