Why these changes

What was the purpose of warp core stabilizer interdiction nullification changes. And please don’t say they were over powered. Also when will we see more balance between risk vs reward. Because sense 2017 I have never wanted to not undock like I do now. I spend hours spinning my ships in stations or just logging off. Risk adverse is an understatement. I never have just put forth to be a eve mogul I play to play one day I may carebear in highsec, jump into some level 4 missions or just roam till I get blown up. All were fun activities made me want to play. But with ships and modules costing 3 or 4x’s what they use to and no rewards to compensate there losses I don’t want to undock, which makes me play other games when I have the time. Why would I play eve if it’s all punishment and no reward for my time? In short Eve was a great game over the last year the developers have made it trash IMO. Why don’t I uninstall you ask? Well I am invested going on 4 years 10 accounts all subbed out of pocket not grinding isk to pay for them is why. I will although be un subscribing 9 of those accounts for the sake I don’t see changes in the near future to make me want to play and my main character is all I will need if I do. Thanks for the joy I have had on eve but I will not punish myself if the developers want to burry there own game


I only undock with ships I have two or three iterations of, and not just any ships.
All those changes “for economy sake” only make me want to use Covetttes and Destroyers. With those at least the risks are somewhat balanced.
Until I know I’ll be able to buy Cruisers and Battlecruisers for reasonable prices, they will stay in hangar.
I can still have fun with low-end ships and modules.
The more CCP gets greedy the more I become tightwad.
Enjoy your economics changes…without me!

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Un-sub and stop logging in is the only way CCP will start to listen to its customers again. Do not rant on the forums or cry to the CSM because its not going to help anything in the sandbox. The only tool the customer has left to fight off Rattati and the no fun DEVS is their money and logging off for good.


I understand what you are saying I would unsubscribe all accounts but at this time I am still training crucial skills (at least to me) so that account will be the only one subbed for now. I hope CCP will start taking actions to make the game more playable risk reward wise. If not I guess I will just reminisce the old days talking about the game I actually enjoyed and could not wait to log in after work or on weekends

I use to dream about playing EVE online in my sleep. At work I would day dream about playing EVE. If I was driving in the car I was day dreaming about EVE. I would play this game up to 18 hours a day because it was so much fun to play. EVE online was going to be the game I played until I died. EVE online was a big part of my retirement dream. Not any more, those glory days are long gone and will never be back. Rattati and the no more fun DEVS have destroyed my love and dreams for EVE online. I am only here to make sure that Rattati and the rest of the no more fun DEVS don’t lie and scam other [people] customers out of their hard earn money. Rattati and the rest of the no more fun DEVS are same evil disgusting people that would rip off their own mothers to make a profit. Rattati and the no more fun DEVS make Indian phone scammers seem like no so bad people. People like Rattati and the rest of the no more fun DEVs working at CCP will lie or say anything for money and people like that are whats wrong with the world. Not one shred of integrity or decency in Rattati or any of the no more fun DEVS working at CCP.


Sounds like a bunch of players whining about no more easy ISK to me. I still enjoy playing EVE every day…


Dude, it’s not about making easy ISK, it’s about the majority of content that you could make ISK with has been made obsolete.


OP, did you always fly around everywhere with a low rack full of warp core stabilizers? Because if you didn’t, why complain about it as if you did? And if you did, then…wow.


Okay so I hat I just read was you either 1) have been playing this game so long you have enough isk you never need to grind again or 2) you are the wallet warrior (no offense ment) but to speek up saying “players crying about no easy isk” is a bad statement. It’s not just about the isk. It’s about any and all content being far too risky for the time investment to replace the ships, weather it be from a gank straight up pvp or just got distracted and npc’s blow your ship up. That takes the fun out of the game. Sure you log in and play the game okay 1 where do you spend your time hs ls or null makes a huge difference. If I was back in null ( part of a big block) I would play. Safer than hs if I pay attention also in fleets most ships are srpable ls nope not going to risk a frigate in that sespool and ah good old hs sure as long as you do not fly bling or mining ships play on. But where is the fun carebearing 24/7 I miss grinding isk to buy a ship go try my hand in solo or small gang warfare till said ship dies rinse and repeat. So crying NOPE frustrated absolutely I don’t want to get rich in eve I also don’t want to have to invest in plex to buy ships FYI I have plenty of ships in the hanger I still don’t want to risk them till I can replace them in 4 days of mild grinding around 3 hours a day max.

I used WCS’s as needed never on anything other than a hauler and never more than 3. Faction scrams OP haha but the interdiction nullifier being a module rather than a ships perk is just ccp wanting more players to lose ships needlessly. What did travel captors do to harm gameplay? After the cyno changes “nothing” they just allowed players to get from a to b rather safe besides the random smartbombing battle ship that would catch them now and then.

Holy wall of text, batman.


That’s exactly what they did to harm the game.

Being able to guarantee safety without a means of counter-play is contrary to EVE’s original core game design.

Still, the practical effects of these changes more or less maintain original functionality. It’s not like they removed nullification from the game.

Capitalize Batman for the love of…

He’s a hero!!

If you’re familiar with the recent DC drama, “Heroes don’t do that”, I wouldn’t call him a hero :stuck_out_tongue:

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Adam West only. Fight me at the Sun.


. Eve Has a variety of clients. Pirates pocket is not enough to fund the game.

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you know what i did wen i saw the ridiculous number of new mats and prices changing ?
i picked all my money and bought 1 battleship (already lost )
6 pirate cruisers
6 pirate frigs
and 62 fitted t1 destroyers
yes … 62

i think CCP ■■■■■■ the most interesting part of the game
and its not the pew pew (my favorite part)
its the 15 years + player driven economy … that thing was beautiful and a miracle in the mmo world
CCP is like that guy that have the perfect wife , cute , smart , good hearted and get caught cheating with a crack head whore

and im not talking about just the last changes , but a gradual fuckery over the time , wen i fall in love with eve i was, wuth? so you can sell EVERYTHING you have? and every item here is made by the players , thats amazing , mindblown


i mean the game have this

before cripto was the cool kids toy
im disappointed

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But can you read though? They are literally countered by smart bombing battleships. They can also be caught by insta locking tackle. There was counter play.

Maybe if they’re on autopilot.

Not if you push the align time low enough.

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And if you want to travel they still made it even easier! Shuttles are faster aligning than ceptors were and now are nullified. So the op travel just got more op.

They shouldn’t have added nullification to shuttles when they gave the very minor nerf to ceptor nullification. They shouldn’t have added nullification to blockade runners, covert ops, etc.

The net result of this change is a massive increase in safety and nerf to pvp… You whiners don’t realize what a massive boon you got. Oh noez now you have to press a button to get it on combat capable ships.

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