"Why, yes!~ I am a little high right now!~"

"It’s my body, I’ll put what I want into it. So yes, I enjoy the occasional blue pill every now and then. What harm am i doing to myself? I feel happy! I feel great! I’m not in pain, I don’t feel sick, I feel utterly great! I don’t see myself as having a problem, my body reacts in a way I find pleasing to the substance so I don’t feel alarmed in there being an issue…. "

  • Suha Raibuya

“Why, yes!~ I am a little high right now!~”

October 12th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, a bar and grill restaurant in the leisure district

“So what can I get you two fine bitches to drink? You both trying to get ■■■■■■ up? If so, may I recommend the Harrier special. 10 Scourge Rocket Whisky shots at a discount.”

“I’ll have to pass!~ What about you Mumo?”

“… No… N-No, I’ll pass…”

< Suha clasping her hands together >

“In that case, I’ll have some water!~”

“W-Water here too…”

“Damn, would you basic bitches at least like a lemon slice or something to go with that plain ass water?”



“Alright lemon slices for both… Now are you both ready to order or do I need to give you both some additional time to find some actual inspiration in your decision making?”

“I’m ready!~ I’ll have…. Where is it… The smoked Rockjaw with a garden salad on the side!~”

“And for your friend here?”

“J-Just… Just give me what she’s having.”

“Damn ■■■■■, you need an allergy pill or something?”

< Mumo slamming her hand down on the table >

'Look fuckface! Just shut up, give me whatever she’s ordering and I might still leave you a tip after this!"

< ‘Waiter’ writing down order >

“■■■■■ please, I run this place. I don’t need a tip… Now that’s two smoked rockjaws with two garden salads.”

“Don’t forget the waters!~”

“Two waters with lemon slices. Anything else?”

“Oh! Do you have and deserts options?~”

"I got a nice fat sugary sweet dick if you wanna take a lick.’

" < Giggle > Oh! I’ll pass on that too!~ Mumo?"

“■■■■■■■. No.”

"Suit yourselves, I also got a family recipe for cheesecake.’

“Oh! Two slices of those please!”

< ‘Owner’ writing down order >

“Alright then, two cheesecakes. Anything else? No? I’ll be back with your waters shortly… Ayo Fridee! Two smoked Rockjaws! Let’s go!”

< ‘Owner’ walking away >

"… Holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ what a prick!

“He certainly had a colorful sense of humor!~”

“Who the ■■■■ serves a table with that kind of language?! Good lord that entire interaction was insufferable!”

“Oh I’m sure he didn’t mean-”

“-Why the ■■■■ did you bring me here of all places Suha?!”

“… I’m sorry. I was trying to do something nice for you and take you out for lunch and didn’t assume there be any problems with this establishment for you.”

“… It’s… N-No! I’m the sorry one! I’m so sorry… I-I snapped at you there. I didn’t-”

“Mumo! It’s fine… Really!~ I can tell you’ve been under a lot of stress of late… Partly why I wanted to take you outout for lunch!~ Let you get away from your work for a moment, relax!”

“I-Its more than just the work Suha…”

"Oh? Is there something else that’s troubling you?


< ‘Owner’ returning and placing two cups on the table >

“Two cups of plain ass water with lemon slices-”

< ‘Owner’ gently placing a pill infront of Mumo >

“-annnd a allergy pill”

“You think I’m gonna take any pill a grease ball ■■■■ like you gives me?”

“■■■■■, you can run the code on the pill if you’re that concerned. I’m just out providing premium customer service.”

“And you’re doing a wonderful job at doing that!~”

“■■■■■■■… Look! Just ■■■■ off, alright? Don’t interupt us until the food is ready…”

“Alright ■■■■■, dont come calling when you want a refill then.”

< ‘Owner’ walking away >

" < Inhale > < exhale > … This environment isn’t really helping Suha…"

< Suha squeezing her lemon slice into her water >

“I think it’s a lovely enviroment!~ Look at this incredible view of the Fortizar’s undock! Seeing these ships fly in and out is a breathtaking sight!~ Oh! What’s that ship coming out of port right now? Looks Gallente…”

“A Nerus… Saw them all the time back in Syndicate space. In fact… that Nerus is wearing syndicatecolorss.”

“Oh goodie.~”


“Oh never mind that!~ What were we talking about previously?”

“… Oh, yeah…. Um, I-I don’t really know how to say this. T-This is something I’m rather ashamed of and… Kept from you.”

“Whatever it is, I won’t think any less of you Mumo. I can tell this is something deeply personal for you… Explain at your own pace.”

“… I-I have a problem.”

“Do you want to elaborate?”

“I… I have a crash addiction. Bad.”

“O-Oh… Are you going though withdrawl right now?”

“Y-Yeah… I’m trying to fight it. Im seeing a doctor Utatis recommended to help rehabilitate me. The past few weeks have been… hard.”

< Mumo sniffling >

“It’s been REALLY hard, Suha…”

“… Hey! Hey…”

< Suha reaching her hand across the table >

“Don’t start all that now!~ It’s alright…”

< Mumo taking Suha’s hand >

“I’m not in the best place mentally or physically right now Suha. I-I can’t ■■■■■■■ sleep, I feel like ■■■■ is moving faster than I am. I’ve put on a few pounds stress eating. I… I’m a ■■■■■■■ wreck!”

< Mumo whimpering >

“I’m a ■■■■■■■ wreck…”

“Ssssh, it’s alright! Everything is gonna be fine…”

"I’m such a wreck I started ■■■■■■■ my drug dealer and doing lines with her right after I told myself I was gonna stop… She ends up overdosing and dies beside me in my ■■■■■■■ sleep! I… Suha, that could had been me!

“I… I truly can see why you’ve been the way you are for the past few weeks now… And I see now how inviting you out for lunch in public was an awful idea. I should had chose a more private setting…”

“No! No… it’s fine. I n-need to push myself to live a normal life… To do things like this and function.”

“Let me know if you need to leave.”

“I won’t! I-I can handle this…”

< Suha retracting her hand >

“Alright, let me know if it’s too much…”

“Thank you… You know, I do feel… Better. About having opened up about this.”

“I’m glad to hear!~ I just wish you felt more comfortable talking to me about this sooner. I could had helped.”

“I-it didn’t seem like my place to put my problems on you.”

“Nonsense!~ You’ve helped me in the past with my problems, only fair I take some on yours on.”

“Yeah… I appreciate that. I also figured you’d be one of the better people to talk to with… You know… Dealing with tour own addiction.”

“My addiction?”

“Y-Yeah… With, blue pill?”

“… I’m not addicted!”

“… Yeah?”

“I might enjoy the effects and feeling blue pill gives me. However I wouldn’t say I’m addicted!~ I can stop anytime I want to!~”

“… Sense we’re having a heart-to-heart here. Can I ask something blunt?”

“Go ahead!~”

“Are you high right now?”

“Why, yes!~ I am a little high right now!~”

“…Well I find your honesty to be welc-”

< Nerus outside the window spontaneously exploding >

< Mumo shooting up from her seat >


< Suha gleefully sipping her water >

“Holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■! What just happened?!”

“Seems the mission was a success!~”

“M-Mission?! W-W-What mission?! Suha do you know about this?!”

“Yes!~ It belonged to our former client who tried to bully us for payment.”

“What am I missing here?! Why did we blow his industrial up?!”

< Another explosion erupting from the Nerus’ shattered hull >

< Mumo slowly lowering herself back into her seat >

“… I had to send a message, Mumo. I was not gonna to be pushed around by this scum. This was not my first course of action, this only after they tried to kill Utatis and ambushed Okiku - a poor innocent child - threatening her to make me pay up.”

“I don’t fully know the relationship you share with this Okiku and Utatis can look after himself… Was this really called for?”

"I have to make an example out of them. Show this region that I can stomach these kinds of decisions… It’s what I must do If I want us to be respected "

“This seems a little extreme! Suha… There were people on that ship!”

“… I know. It’s… Unfortunate. I didn’t make the choice lightly.”

“This isn’t like you! Did Utatis put you up to this?!”

“He may have advised me on the situation.”

“Oh dear god! Suha!”

"I’m tired of being pushed around Mumo. I will not let people I care for be attacked and those behind it not face any consequences… I’d do precisely the same for you Mumo. "

“I don’t want you killing people over me!”

“… Did I do something bad, Mumo?”

“… I-I have to go!”

< Mumo pushing her chair back and getting up >

“But you said-”

“I know! I know… I just… I need to be away from this Suha.”

< Mumo walking off >

“Mumo! I-… < sigh >”

< ‘Owner’ rolling up with a cart >

“Two smoked Rockjaws with a garden salad for-… Hey where the other ■■■■■ go?”

“O-oh! Her allergies were getting severe and decided to go home earlier…”

“Well I ain’t taking this food back, so…”

“How about you join me!~ Please!~ Take her seat.”

“… Alright, ■■■■ it - sure. I can use a break and this fish lookin- WOAH what the ■■■■ happened out there?”

“Oh!~ An annoyance being dealt with…”